Happy Monday everyone! I can’t believe it’s already nearly July. WHERE IS TIME GOING?! LOL. But today I anted to do a quick post of what I’m currently reading now. My husband and I got a new puppy so we’re gonna be busy for the next few months getting a new routine set up. I’ll post pictures in my upcoming wrap up so no worries there 🙂 But here’s the book stuff!

Currently Reading & Listening


  • The Diviners (re-listen): So I noticed that my reading mood was getting really wigged out again, so I used my monthly audible credit and got The Diviners! I’ve listened to this once and physically read it first and this is one of my favorite audio books ever. So I’m glad to be back in this story again and I hope this will help 🙂
  • The Hearts We Sold: This was available on my library’s Overdrive app so I immediately grabbed it. I decided that I needed a brief break from my ARC pile and many of my blog friends like Vicky, Destiny and LaRonda love this book! (This is the new cover and the paperback is finally coming out on July 2nd). This is about a girl who sells her heart to a demon to get an education and it’s set in our world where demons have revealed themselves and people have sold their body parts for a deal to get what they want. I’m dying for her new upcoming book The Bone Houses so I figured it was time to read her previous book. So far its’ really good and I’m very much enjoying! 🙂

I’ve got a fun read-a-thon annoucement that I’m participating in so that post is coming soon! So at the moment, I’m not reading a lot but we’ll see how things go with the new puppy. Let me know what you’re reading in the comments 🙂