How are we halfway through the year already?!

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But here we are! My reading in June was quite interesting. I did really good for the first half of the month, with finishing a few things and then the last half kinda fell off the wagon lol. I’m not sure what happened there but here’s the stuff I read in June and some other fun stuff for the month!

June Wrap Up 2019

Total Books Completed: 5

Audio Books: 2

ARCs: 3

Didn’t Finish: 3

Library Books/Audio Books: 1

DNFs: 0

44584453. sx318 Listened from May 23rd-June 4th

Rating: 5 stars

Man talk about having no hype or expectations for this book and being blown away! I haven’t finished Illmuniae so I was going into this knowing that both authors together are super popular. And this was an experience on audio book! We have 7 core narrators for each of the 7 POVs and I didn’t dislike a single narrator! I loved seeing how Tyler, Aurora and the gang really get in over their heads and this even got freaky at times and also really tugged at my heart strings. I know this has had some critiques of “too much filler” or “reads too young” but I completely disagree. I loved the humor and each individual had their distinct voice. I highly recommend the audio book for a full experience and I NEED BOOK 2 now!

Double Audio Book Review: Aurora Rising & Five Midnights (Audio Books Rule)

40653162. sy475 Read from June 4th-8th

Rating: 3 stars (a weak 3)

This was really hard to rate for most of the book. I requested and received a physical ARC of this from the publisher earlier this year and I was excited for it at first, since the hype for A Curse So Dark and Lonely was everywhere for much of early 2019. But this really wasn’t for me. Maegan was a VERY weak character that didn’t have much to her at all and I felt like she just let her terrible sister and others walk all over her and she never fully made a decision herself. I did think Rob’s story had more substance and had some highlights, especially with his best friend, but I just felt like the story was just underwhelming. The discussions of being desperate and what people do when they’re desperate didn’t feel completely natural at times and not much really happened for a good chunk of the book. I’m still a novice at contemporary books, but I’ve read others that have more plot and other factors that made me like them. This was a miss.

Mini ARC Review: Call It What You Want

37828814. sy475 Listened from June 5th-11th

Rating: 3.5 stars

This an impulse download from my library’s Overdrive app right when this book was released. The synopsis was vague but grabbed my attention, so I got it. This is an own voices, diverse story set in Puerto Rico, where a group of friends are being slowly killed off by a possible monster and a girl named Lupe who gets caught up in this whole situation. The cover lead me to believe that it would be a bit more scary and supernatural than the story actually was. The writing was solid and the mostly contemporary story was really good in some parts, but I did want more from the possible monster story line and it did drag in the middle. But if you’re looking for another own voices book, definitely pick this up. The narrator was also great and I will check out more from this author.

Review listed above with “Aurora Rising”

43822758Read from June 8th-13th

Rating: 4.5 stars

MAN this was a surprise! A publicist from Simon & Schuster reached out to me, asking if I wanted to review this book and since I fell in love with the cover and synopsis when it was dropped that I l immediately said yes. You know when you read a book that you read at the right time and it’s what you needed? That’s what this book was! I loved that this was a historical adventure in Eastern Europe and had all the Vlad the Impaler history and vibes I wanted! I also loved the chemistry between Huck and Theodora and Theodora’s complicated relationship with her father. This was so refreshing with the cursed artifacts, masterful writing, a great protagonist and hints of magic. This is one of the biggest surprises this year and I hope people give this a chance, especially if you love the author’s books already.

ARC Review: The Lady Rogue (All the Vlad the Impaler)

40591950. sy475 Read from June 18th-21st

Rating: 4 stars

My review will actually be going up on July 13th, since I’m on the blog tour for this book! This is the newest book by the author of the Jackaby series and it’s about twin boys, with one being a regular boy and one being a changeling creature. Both boys start to question which one is the changeling and since things are starting to change in the forest and the magic from the changeling is needed to balance the forest. This was a cute story that has fun illustrations by the author. I loved seeing the themes of family and identity as both boys go through so much in this first book. I also like the author’s humor in this book and it was overall a quick, cute and enjoyable read! Look out for my review next month!

Didn’t Finish

13642237Currently 5 hours in

I decided to get this audio book again and start the series over since the final book is out in February! This will be my 3rd time reading/listening to this book and it feels like coming home! I remember nearly everything so far, but the audio book is just so perfect, funny and spooky that I love casually listening to it. I hope to see how my thoughts change when I get to the second and third book as well.

45022234. sx318 Currently only 1 1/2 hours in

I got this from my library’s Overdrive app in the last couple days of the month, so I’m not far in. I figured that maybe a YA mystery book would keep my interest and help my reading mood since it’s been weird again (when is it not?) This is about a girl and a boy who both have suffered loss and how both of them are getting weird satellite signals and EMF readings and both are connected to the events of their past. I hope to finish this early in July.

36547448Library e-book, 30% left

I got really close to finishing this in June but I still have 30% to go, so this will be done early in July. This is a beloved YA fantasy/horror novel among some of my blogger friends, so I grabbed it when it was available as a library e-book. So far the concept is interesting and Dee is a good protagonist and I do feel for her situation. But I didn’t expect the story to go the way it has, so it’s not a 5 star book for me right now but still very enjoyable. We’ll see what I think of the end!

Fun/Personal Stuff

Say hello to our new puppy Sabriel! We got her in the last week of June and she’s just too cute! She loves playing with our other dog Leo. So my reading has suffered a little bit, since we have a new routine we’re working out with having to keep up her potty training, waking up early and other things. She’s kept us busy lol.

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I’m still having a BLAST playing the first Xenoblade Chronicles game on my 3DS. My husband got it for me quite a while ago, after loving Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Nintendo Switch! The story is based on Shulk whom you can play as in Smash Bros. This franchise in general so far has great story lines, great combat systems and well developed characters that I really care for. While I do miss having the Blades as combat partners like Pyra, I still love this other story in Xenoblade Chronicles. If you love JRPGs like Final Fantasy, please please try this franchise 🙂

July TBR a.k.a. Medieval-a-thon!

This is an all month read-a-thon from July 1st to 31st and it’s being hosted by Holly Hearts Books on Booktube! There is a Twitter page for the readathon that you can find here as well as the graphics and all the challenges listed. I normally haven’t stuck to many readathons, because 1 week or 2 weeks just feels too short for me. I don’t finish many books a week, so I’m glad that this is the whole month to read books! So here’s all the graphics (taken from the Twitter page) as well as my July TBR!

So the number of books you read for the readathon will determine your “rank” in the kingdom. This is such a cute idea, so it shows that if you only read 1 book, you be a lowly peasant lol.

The next part is your “armor” set that you can acquire through the different challenges! You can also get one or many weapons to defend yourself just in case. Holly does say in the video that these are optional and that you can read whatever you want during the readathon. So here’s all the books I want to try and accomplish for this readathon for July. Some are books that will double or triple up on challenges. The 3 books I didn’t finish in June will just count for the number of books I’ve read in July and just help my social ranking, so I will already be a Knight when I finish those 3 things.

42281646. sy475

  1. Challenge for: red on the dust jacket
  2. Challenge for: book where a character fights for the throne

This is a digital ARC I still have to read, so this is a perfect book for this readathon. The protagonist has to right in the ring for her right to rule her kingdom and she has to go fight bandits who stole precious resources. I really enjoyed the author’s debut novel from last year, so I hope to enjoy this!

36510391. sy475

  1. Challenge for: red on the dust jacket again (in the middle part of the castle)
  2. Challenge for: something pointy on the cover (crown, horns and castle tops)

This is another ARC that I still need to get to, since it releases in late August. This is about a girl with anxiety and a facial birthmark who journeys into the Labyrinth of Fate and Dreams to seize her destiny. This sounds like a fun middle grade fantasy, and since middle grade has been mostly an underwhelming mixed bag for me, I hope this is one that I’ll truly enjoy reading and hopefully show me the good middle grade I’ve been trying to find.


  1. Challenge for: thick paperback (it’s over 400 pgs)
  2. Challenge for: yellowed pages (gotten yellow over time)
  3. Challenge for: something pointy on the cover

I’ve had this book forever and it’s time to finally read it and see what the hype has been about for so many years! This is about Katsa, whose “grace” ability is being able to kill people. My husband really liked this one and a co-worker also highly recommended it. Plus it fits the most challenges so this is a required book for this readathon.


  1. Challenge for: a shiny cover (actual cover is very shiny)
  2. Challenge for: a book with assassins (female character is a famed assassin)

This is gonna be my audio book for this readathon! I’ve heard some mixed things, but it does sound like an intriguing desert fantasy book so fingers crossed.

35430013. sx318

  1. Challenge for: a book with a dragon on the cover

This is a YA Asian anthology with stories from authors all over Asia and I’ve heard pretty good things about this. I did read the story by Roshani Chokshi in this book and really loved it. I got the library audio book from Overdrive and you can see the dragon on the cover, along with other animals. If some of the stories fit other challenges, then this book might double or triple up so we’ll see!



I think this book might just be an extra book, since the challenges don’t exactly fit this book. But this is another ARC I need to read and stay on top of. Since this world the author rights in has vikings in them, I’ll see where I can fit it.

That’s my July TBR! I really hope that this readathon will be a good experience for me and help me finally tackle some books that are needing to be read. I know that the last half of July will be very busy, so as long as I can read the 3 ARCs I have listed here, I’ll be in good hands with staying on top of them. So wish me luck guys!

Are you participating in this readathon? If so, what’s your TBR? What did you read in June? Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments!