Happy Monday everyone! Today is my book haul for the month of June 🙂 This book haul isn’t as big as May was, but that’s a good thing for many reasons. I got more digital titles this past month from the library, ARCs and a couple physical books I bought as well as Audible. Let’s get started!

Library Stuff

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  • Come Find Me (Audio book narrated by Jorjeana Marie and Michael Crouch): I got the audio book of this YA mystery from Overdrive when I couldn’t sleep well one night at the end of June. This is about Kennedy, a girl who suffered a family tragedy and lost her brother who was studying life beyond Earth through a telescope. We also follow Nolan, whose brother and dog went missing 2 years ago with no luck of answers, especially after an eerie premonition Nolan had. Both come together by strange satellite signals and readings and try to find out what happened to their respective siblings. So far the story is solid and the narrators are good, especially Jorjeana Marie.
  • A Thousand Beginnings and Endings: 15 Retellings of Asian Myths and Legends (Audio book narrated by Kim Mai Guest and Vikas Adam): This was another case like Come Find Me, where this was availabe on Overdrive. I also figured this would work for the Medieval-a-thon, which is a July readathon I’m doing for the whole month. This is a well regarded YA anthology with 15 stories from all across Asian myth and legends. I hope this will be another good anthology, since I either haven’t been interested in some or the ones I’ve tried have fallen short.
  • The Hearts We Sold (e-book, now returned to library): Many of my blogger friends LOVE this book from 2017 and it was available as an e-book. So I took a break from the ARC pile I have and read this at the end of June and into the first 2 days of this month. My review is coming this week for this book, so stay tuned 🙂

ARCs/Books I Received

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I’VE BEEN BLESSED THIS MONTH BY EDELWEISS! My inner book nerd screamed like a pterodactyl when I was approved for Angel Mage!!! I’ve been a Garth Nix fan for 17 years and I already lost my mind when this cover was dropped. This deals with angelic magic and so far is a standalone book. I trust Nix with practically everything he writes, so I will get to this as soon as I read some ARCs that come out earlier. Then, I was also surprised to get approved for Reverie, which is a 2020 debut novel. This is blurbed as “Inception meets the Magicians” and that made me want to request it immediately. I didn’t know this was an own voices LGBT book, since Edelweiss hadn’t labeled it as such, but I am excited for this book. The idea of being caught in a “reverie” sounds cool and I’m interested to see how this book goes.

I also got a surprising package from Imprint that was a PR package for The Tenth GirlI did send an ARC request of this book, but didn’t get a reply back so I wasn’t sure if I was getting one. But I loved this packaging, with a letter from the author, a beautiful ARC and a small card that talks about the Argentinian school. I’ve never gotten a legit PR package like this in the mail before, but it made my day and I will be reading this book most likely in August for A(RC)ugust, which is a reading challenge to mainly read ARCs in August. Thank you to Macmillan for the ARC package!

Finally, I got one of the most wonderful things in the mail later in June! You guys know how much I’ve loved and boosted The Kingdom here and on my other social media. The author herself reached out to me, asking if she could send me a signed copy as a thank you for helping boost the book so much! This message really means a lot to me and this is one reason why authors are my people: they’re just like us (of course), but so many authors I’ve met are genuinely so kind love and support their readers. This really made my month when I got this.

Audible & Books I Bought Myself


  • The Diviners #1 (Audible): I decided to use my monthly credit to buy a favorite audio book. I’m going to start the series over again and re-listen to them to prepare for the final book in October. Also, since this is my 3rd time reading this book, I’m casually listening to it and I’ll finish it when I finish it 🙂 I do remember more than I thought and it’s just good to be back in this first book that’s my favorite in the series so far.
  • Sorcery of Thorns: I bought this on release day at B&N, because I wanted to support Margaret’s new book! It also debut on the NYT bestseller list which makes my heart SO happy! I got to read this early and it’s still a top favorite of the year and the hype is legit with this book! Now that I have my own copy, I can’t wait to re-read it in the near future. I ALMOST bought the Owlcrate box that had this in it for the book, but I decided that spending my money was a better way to support the author.

That’s it for June’s book haul! I’ll admit that I had a bit of a memory problem with buying which books in June but I’m glad it was a smaller load this time. What books did you get in June? Did you get any of these? Let me know the comments!