Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is my first box from Shelflove Crate. I’ve seen them on Instagram and a few booktubers also did unboxings on their channel, so I decided to give them a try. They did announce what their June book was for their “Sci-fi Takeover” box and I immediately bought it for reasons you’ll see in a minute! I’ll have all the artists/merchants in each paragraph for each item as well as my general thoughts on the box. Let’s jump into it!

                                                                Artwork done by @Kat_Adara

The first time here is a pin flag that has “Oh My Stars” on it. That’s a quote from Iko from the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer. This was designed exclusively for this box from KDP Letters that has done items for Fairyloot. Pin flags have become a bit more popular recently and they’re a good idea to use if you have a lot of pins. I like the font and style of the flag, so I’ll hang this up and use it for my extra pins.


The next item we have is a fun and colorful headband inspired by Red Rising by Pierce Brown. It has the Howler and class pyramid symbols all over the headband. This was designed by Team Shelflove, which I’m assuming is from the book box team themselves. I haven’t read this book series yet, but I love the design and I’ll definitely use it when I need to do stuff like house cleaning or other house/yard work.

The next item is a really bold and pretty pillowcase that has a quote from Obsidio on it! It says: “Every story needs its heroes and its villains and its monsters.” This was designed by Nerdy.Post and it’s quite the stunning design! I hope to find a spare pillow and keep this as a display throw pillow. I haven’t gotten into this series yet, but I love the quote and the color choices.

The next items are cute little chess pieces of Katie and Ezra from Illuminae and there have been 2 collectible chess pieces in every box for all of 2019. I didn’t know this was gonna be in there, but they’re very cute and you can take them out of the plastic packaging and they’ll be standing chess pieces. I think many people who love the series and got this box will love these little pieces.

The next item is a pop socket and the quote is from the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi. It says: “Ignite my love ignite” and was designed by @KitsterCronk. Sadly my phone case can’t take a pop socket, but I’ll store this for now and use it when I get a new phone case that will take it. Personally, I have no interest in this series but I do love the quote and the color palette.

The next item is definitely my favorite item besides the book and it’s a notepad inspired by Skyward!!! I love the design of Spensa and the ship at the bottom and the shades of purple and green. The quote says: “People need stories, child. They brings us hope and that hope is real.” I cannot express how happy I am to see a bookish item inspired by Skyward! This was beautifully designed by @Drawnielle and I hope this artist makes more Skyward stuff 😀


Now we’re to the book! The book that was picked and announced is still favorite book this year: The Kingdom! But they also did something special: THEY DID FAN ART ON THE INSIDE OF THE DUST JACKET! I can die happy now 😀

Oh man, when they had announced that there would be fan art on the reverse side of the jacket, I NEARLY died of happiness! This is a really unique thing for this book box, with doing art on the dust jacket. I love seeing three of the Fantasists come to life and the art by @Kat_Adara is simply amazing! Most books don’t ever get fan art made for it, but this was a very special box and made the fangirl of this book so happy. This is a unique book box and one that I highly recommend. I know they’ve done this “fan art on the dust jacket” for other books they’ve featured and this feature alone makes this box worth getting. I’m not sure if they do it for every book, but this book box really impressed me and I’ll be buying their boxes again! Here’s the final result of what was in the box.

That’s the June Shelflove Crate book box! This was a very affordable box and I loved pretty much everything in here. I’m very happy to see some books get bookish merch in this box, since I do feel that the same books get all the merch but this was a nice change. I can’t wait to buy from them again and I highly recommend them.