Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your month is going great so far wherever you are 🙂 If you’re in the summer like me, hopefully you’re staying cool and doing some fun things. Today I’m doing a WWW Wednesday, currently being run by Taking on a World of Words. The three W’s are for: What you did just finish reading, currently reading and going to read next so here we go!

What am I currently reading?

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So…things have gotten messy with my reading lol. I’m still listening to The Diviners, which I’ve slowed down on but recently picked back up to finish. Then I did pick Stolen Time back up again since April. I was thinking about it a lot and started over from the beginning. So I’ve read the first 30% and even though I remembered quite a bit, I’m glad for the refresher. But for reasons I’ll explain in a future post, this may take me a while to get through. (Not the books fault at all). Then, I started Angel Mage because the book gods granted my wish last month and I’m only 10% in right now. While it’s taken me a bit to get used to the language, I’m really liking it so far like I knew I would. But currently, my main read is Remember Me since I’m gonna be on the FFBC blog tour for this in early August. My review is up on August 8th, so I’m getting this done now as my top priority to stay on top 🙂

What did I recently finish reading?

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So first off, Spinner of Dreams was actually a DNF for me. I read 34% and this just isn’t for me. It has very similar vibes to Alice in Wonderland and The Phantom Tollbooth, which are NOT my things at all. I got this from Edelweiss earlier this year and I gave it a try, but it didn’t work for me. Then I finished The Final Six which I did a review for on Monday. This is YA sci-fi book about a competition between a group of teens of who will be going to a new planet to find a new home for Earth. It’s a good “summer” read or just a “popcorn read.” It was nothing amazing, but I will read the concluding book out next year to see how it ends. Then, I just finished The Epic Crush of Genie Lo the other day and really enjoyed it! I’ll have my review up for it on either Friday or Saturday. This is an own voices book for the Chinese rep and it’s about Genie Lo, who realizes that her new classmate Quentin is the Monkey King incarnate and that demons are real. It’s very witty and funny and Genie is one feisty character. Plus, the sequel is out in January so I read it at the right time.

What do I plan on reading next?

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As far as my next audio book, I’m going to get to A Thousand Beginnings and Endings since it was on my Medieval-a-thon TBR that I posted. I renewed the audio book from my library so I hope to at least listen to a few stories. Then as far as books to get to, I have to try and finish or at least try The Merciful Crow (which I haven’t hauled yet) before the 30th, which is its release date. THEN, if I’m lucky at all, I’ll start Tiger Queen which I’ve had from Edelweiss for a while. It feels overly ambitious to me, but I’m sure gonna try lol.

What did you finish reading? What are you currently reading? Have you finished any of these?