Happy Thursday everyone! Man this part 1 (yep, part one) of my July book haul is kinda nuts. I never thought I would ever do a book haul in parts, but it’s gotta happen. Basically this month, it’s truly “death by ARCs” for this blogger lol. A ton of approvals came through at once and also just several times so far. It’s gotten to the point where my ARC pile is…20 I have to read between now and December! I’m not scared at all….

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m super stoked for so many of them! (I’ll admit, I’m nervous about a couple) but I’ve never had this many at once. I’m also not a fast reader either, so I when I saw how many I’ve acquired, I kinda yelped. So here’s part one of the haul.

Personal Purchases/Audio Books/Library Books

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  • The Beckoning Shadow #1 by Katharyn Blair: I bought both the audio book and the Kindle version of this book to do the “whisper-sync” that I did with The Final Six. This is basically about a girl whose curse is to bring people’s worst nightmares to life. She enters the Tournament of Unraveling to fix her past, since the prize is the chance to re-write your past. I haven’t seen many reviews yet, but Noura gave it a stellar review.
  • Don’t Date Rosa Santos (Audio Book): I used my Audible credit this month to get this book since Noura’s book club is reading it for July! This is one of 2 latinx books they’re reading this month and I’m so excited to finally get to it. This YA contemporary debut has been all over the book community and many blogger friends have loved it!
  • Immunity (Contagion #2): After seeing Vicky and Destiny give this duology conclusion high marks, I decided to buy the final book and have the whole series on my shelf! I’ve heard this book is more sci-fi and not quite as scary, but I’ve been wanting to get to this series for a while. I’m hoping that maybe Halloween time is when I can get to it.
  • The Rise of Kyoshi (B&N Exclusive Edition): Since I discovered Avatar: the Last Airbender at long last, I remembered that this book about Kyoshi came out very recently. I know that Kyoshi was a powerful earth bender and lived before Aang and it seems to be a prequel. There’s so many great reviews of this book GR, especially for fans of the show, so I’m very excited for it. This is book 1 of a supposed 2 book series about Kyoshi.
  • Remember Me: I got a finished copy of this book for Instagram and also for the FFBC blog tour! My review is coming up on August 8th, but they did offer finished copies to use for an Instagram post when you review goes up. This is part historical fiction, part contemporary about a girl who moves to stay at a famous old hotel since her dad got a new job there. But she starts to realize that someone might be haunting the hotel. I read this in July so you’ll see my review soon.
  • Song of the Abyss (Tower of Winds #2): I got the ARC of this book from the publisher for another FFBC blog tour! This is a standalone companion novel to Isle of Blood and Stone, which came out last year and it’s about Reyna who longs to be a master Navigator. But her crew vanishes at sea and she goes on a journey to figure out the truth. This will be one of the first ARCs I read in August. My review is set for August 23rd so stay tuned for that!
  • When the Stars Lead to You (Physical ARC) by Ronni Davis: I got this from a wonderful person on the #arcsfortrade on Twitter. Kelly was so nice to send this to me 🙂 This is an upcoming YA contemporary about Devon, whose heart was broken by Ashton during the summer. But when Devon’s senior year starts, she’s determined to have a great last high school year. But Ashton shows back up and Devon wonders if she can give him another chance, or if they’ll repeat history? While I’m still a contemporary novice, this sounds like a sweet “second chance” story that will a fun read.
  • The Epic Crush of Genie Lo #1: I bought the pretty paperback after seeing the cover and release date for the next book, which is out in January! This is basically the Chinese version of Buffy and it was very funny and witty. Genie Lo is a hardworking student and plays volleyball, but Quentin, the new student is strange and keeps telling Genie that Chinese demons exist and that he’s also the legendary Monkey King. This was quite the fist book and I’m glad that I finally bought it and picked it up.

The “Death by ARCs” portion

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  • There Will Come a Darkness #1 by Katy Rose Pool: This is such a PRETTY cover with the black, white and red palette. Basically MacMillan approved a TON of titles on NetGalley and this is one of many on this list. This world has prophets that disappeared a hundred years ago and there was a prophecy they left. This does follow many POVs and I don’t want to know much else. I’ve heard decent things from the early reviews that are out there, so we’ll see!
  • Beyond the Black Door by A.M. Strickland: This was a total surprise, since I had requested many weeks ago. This is a standalone fantasy about a girl whose a soul walker like her mother. For most of her life, she’s seen a black door everywhere she goes and her mother says to stay away from it. But then one day, she opens it. I’ve heard that this a LGBTQ+ story since the protgaonist is on the asexual spectrum and really focuses on that journey for the character. I’ve heard the fantasy mythology is pretty cool and the author said if you like Pan’s Labyrinth & Phantom of the Opera, that you’ll like this book. I hope that’s correct, since I like both of those things. I’ve heard mixed things so far, which makes me a bit nervous.
  • The Liars of Mariposa Island by Jennifer Mathieu: This is a YA contemporary set in the 1980’s and focuses on siblings Joaquin and Elena, along with flashbacks of their mother who fled Cuba during the revolution. It seems like it’s about family, family secrets and your own personal motivations. I haven’t read anything by this author, but her most recent book Moxie is very well loved on booktube, so I hope this will be another good contemporary.
  • The Merciful Crow #1 by Margaret Owen: This book releases this month…two weeks before publication when I got it on NetGalley LOL. I’ve heard very good things about this book. It’s set in a world where we follow a crown prince, a bodyguard and a future chieftain and how they are connected together. I don’t know much else but the cover is freaking gorgeous and I hope this is another debut novel that I love! (and I hope to finish it in time)
  • Eight Will Fall by Sarah Harian: OH MAN GUYS! I’m SO SO happy to have this! This is a November release that I’ve mentioned in my recent Anticipated Releases list. This is about a group of eight people that are sent into dark tunnels to fight magical, demonic monsters and they slowly start to realize that they were sent on a suicide mission. This sounds completely up my alley, so I was approved I squealed with joy. I’m gonna try and save this for October to fit the mood 🙂
  • Sisters of Shadow and Light #1 by Sara B. Larson: I was able to download this from Edelweiss and I’m very optimistic about this. The author was actually at a book signing I attended clear back in January of this year and the author talked about this book. So when I saw the chance to download it, I took it. This is about two sisters who have grown up in the Citadel of Paladins, an abandoned fortress where the magical warriors once lived. But on the night that Inara (one of the sisters was born), their Paladin father died. But years after isloation of being in this abandoned fortress, someone enters the building with them. The fact that this book has Paladins is so cool! I haven’t read anything by this author, but with her talking about how much this story meant to her to write back in January, I’m very intrigued.
  • A Thousand Fires by Shannon Price: This book is basically blurbed as “the outsiders meets the Iliad” from Filipino-American author Shannon Price. We follow Valerie, a young girl who gets initiated into the Stags gang group; her ultimate goal is to find out who from the Boars killed her little brother Leo and get revenge. 10 years, 3 gangs, 1 girl’s epic quest is probably one of the most interesting taglines that I couldn’t pass up. I heard about this book on Meltotheany’s YouTube channel and it sounded very interesting. So I was fortunate to download this from Edelweiss and started reading it a few days ago. You’ll see more of my thoughts in an upcoming review.
  • The Bone Houses: WOHOO! I was really happy to get approved for this book; when the cover dropped on Twitter earlier this year, it satisfied the Tim Burton, heavy metal part of my soul LOL. While I did enjoy her previous novel The Hearts We Sold, I did want more from it. So I hope this new is just as, even more, enjoyable. This is about a girl whose a gravedigger and she has to protect her younger siblings when the undead called “Bone Houses” start to rise from the graves. This is a highly anticipated release so I hope it satisfies 🙂
  • The Ten Thousand Doors of January: I was approved for this book on the same day that I also got The Bone Houses. This upcoming adult fantasy debut is getting a TON of hype on social media, as well as glowing reviews. This follows January, a young woman who discovered a Door when she was young. Years later, she finds a mysterious book at the estate she lives at and discovers that this book talks about other Doors and carries scents of other worlds. I haven’t read much adult fantasy this year, but I want to be one of those people who gets lost in this debut novel.
  • Remember Me: I am on the FFBC blog tour for this book, so my review will be up on August 8th! This is about a girl named Lea in 1907 whose arranged marriage makes her dread life ahead and wishes for something different. Then she meets Alec, a boy who works at the Winslow Grand Hotel. We also follow Nell in the present day, who moves to this hotel when her dad gets a job there. But when she discovers mysterious music, lights flickering and strange visions, she realizes that there might be someone haunting the hotel. I read this book this month and stay tuned for review for my full thoughts.
  • Refraction: This sci-fi book has a really interesting premise that made me immediately request it. In this version of our world, mirrors are banned because reflective surfaces can allow monsters to be released. So now all reflective surfaces are banned. We follow Marty who deals in illegal activity with mirrors until he gets caught by the mayor’s son. Both are exiled to one of the many cities overrun by fog and both fight to survive.  I haven’t seen practically any reviews on this book, but the premise sounded cool so we’ll see how this one goes.
  • Crown of Coral and Pearl: This book has been getting a ton of reviews on Goodreads for the past few months now and after seeing all the 4 and 5 star reviews I’ve been seeing, I figured why not add another ARC to my pile? So I got approved for this book! We follow sisters Nor and Zadie and how both sisters try to save their people. Nor suffered and accident and has a scar to remind her of, so Zadie is the one sent off to marry a cold and off putting prince. But then Nor starts to uncover secrets about the failing royal bloodline and a plot to destroy her home. While this does sound like many YA fantasy books, I’m always willing to give books like this a chance. Plus a sequel has been announced already and that tells me how successful this book has been already and shows more promise.
  • Seven Deadly Shadows #1: OH MAN YOU GUYS! I saw this on Edelweiss and immediately requested it! I love love Shutter by Courtney Alameda and I’ve been waiting to know more about this book for what feels like a long time. The release date kept getting pushed back and changing, until it’s been confirmed that it’ll be out in late January! This is a modern retelling of the classic Japanese film Seven Samurai. We follow Kira, who trains to be a priestess and also doesn’t have a great home life. But then the shrine is attacked by yokai demons, so she enlists the help of seven ruthless shinigami to help prevent the destruction of humankind from the ruthless yokai god. How does that NOT sound awesome? I’m saving this for October!
  • Dark and Deepest Red: This was available to download on Edelweiss and I decided to get it. I haven’t read anything by this author yet, but I hear fantastic things about her writing. This book is a retelling of the Hans Christensen Anderson tale of The Red Shoes and that’s always been interesting to me. I’m not sure what to expect but I hope it’s good.
  • The Light at the Bottom of the World: I couldn’t believe that I got this on NetGalley! I’ve always felt intimidated by Disney-Hyperion, but I’m so stoked either way! This is a futuristic sci-fi book where London is basically living under the water now after we couldn’t live on the surface. Leyla enters a competition so that she can win and free her father after he’s framed for a crime he didn’t commit. The idea of human life being at the bottom of the ocean sounds like an awesome idea. Even though it does sound like a dystopian as well, I have my fingers crossed for this one. Plus, that cover just speaks to my soul.


There you have it! This ARC pile definitely is scary but I’m going to do my best lol. I’ll be sharing future TBRs that include these books, as I try to figure out my reading plans for the rest of this year. If there’s books here that you’ve read and want me to prioritize, let me know down in the comments! Also, what did you get in July? Any favorites?