Happy Saturday everyone! I know I’ve been a bit quiet lately. I’ve had quite a few family things going on, more puppy training with Sabriel and I have been OBSESSED with a few things: a video game and a TV show. I’ll have a “Current Favorites” post coming early next week that will talk about those. But yeah despite being busy, I haven’t quite been feeling motivated to do any blogging stuff. We all go through periods like this where we don’t feel like creating any content and other things and that’s what I’m feeling. But as I keep working on my new schedule with the puppy and other things, I hope to be back in the game this month 🙂

But in July, I participated in the Medieval-a-Thon, which is run by HollyHeartsBooks on booktube and she had a twitter page dedicated to the readathon. Her video is below if you’re interested to see what she did for the readathon. I LOVED that this was a whole month long. The prompts were so fun and I achieved PRINCESS status, which I’m very happy with!

Total Books Finished: 5

Audio Books: 1

Library Books: 1

ARCs: 2

Personal Books: 2 (both the Kindle and audio book for one book)


34538054. sy475 Read from June 22nd-July 2nd

Library eBook

Rating: 3.75 stars

I know so many of my blogger friends LOVE this book and with the new upcoming book The Bone Houses by this author, I saw that this was available from my library’s Overdrive app and dived in. The concept of people selling their limbs or organs to demons for deals is SO fascinating. I loved Dee’s character growth and everything on with her family life. But sadly, I wished this book was about another 50-75 pages longer to get the demon plot line more fleshed out. The ending was very rushed and felt a little underwhelming. But I still think this book is very unique and Lloyd-Jones is such a talented writer. I can’t wait to read her new one very soon.

Mini Book Review: The Hearts We Sold

Medieval-a-Thon challenge prompt: Red on the Cover (Cape)

35425576. sy475 Read/Listened from: July 6-11th

Personal Kindle Book & Audible audio book

Rating: 3- 3.5 stars

I saw this book on my Kindle library and figured “I should try a sci-fi book to shake things up.” So I decided to try the “whisper-sync” option where if you own the Kindle version of a book, you can get the audio book on Audible for a cheaper price and you can switch between the two formats seamlessly. This was a fun experiment and one I want to try again. But as far as the book is concerned, many people say that some of the science and plot stuff in this book is a bit too over the top for a YA book. I do admit that you do have to suspend your belief quite a bit and I get why people say that. I did like Leo’s POV much more than Naomi (who was way too wooden) and some aspects of the how Earth is collapsing and finding a new planet is interesting. I did like the ending and I’ll read the final book in the duology. If you want a quick sci-fi read, this is a good one. It’s not amazing, but good enough.

Audio Book Review: The Final Six #1

Medieval-a-Thon prompt: Shiny cover (breast plate)


41104083Read from July 2nd-15th

Personal Book

Rating: 4 stars

This was SO witty, funny and expertly written! I saw the sequel on Edelweiss and remembered this first book. So I bought this new paperback at the beginning of July and really enjoyed it. F.C. Yee really created a sassy and strong female character in Genie Lo. Quentin was also hilarious and at times, their banter was funny and just perfect. I do think their chemistry could’ve been developed better (she was a bit too mean to him sometimes), but this is reminiscent of Buffy in the best way. Check out this book if you want Chinese mythology and humor 🙂

Review Coming in August (it’s late lol)

Medieval-a-Thon prompt: Dragon on the Cover (Helmet)


36248263. sy475 Read from July 16-20th

ARC for Blog Tour

Rating: 3 stars

This had some great potential but did fall short in the end. This has a historical POV of Lea from 1909 and present day with Nell as Nell moves to the historical Winslow Grand Hotel. Nell starts to have visions and see things start happening that makes her wonder what’s real. Then she discovers an article talking about a young girl being murdered and wonders who is haunting the hotel. I liked this for the first about 35-40% of the book. But the “villain” really doesn’t do much, so there’s no real tension with finding out the truth and the good guys win easily without working much for it. I also called the plot twist early on enough that I wasn’t surprised when it happened. This was too short; it needed more meat to the haunting and also fleshing out the ending and the explanation of the spoiler. This felt more like half contemporary, half historical fiction, not horror. I think if I was much younger, I would’ve liked it more. But this is a forgettable book.

Blog Tour: Remember Me (Review + Giveaway)

Medieval-a-Thon prompt: None, just helped my ranking


38595652. sy475 Read from July 24th-31st

ARC (Release Date: November 5th from Tor Teen)

Rating: 2.5 stars

That’s…it?! That was my first thought after finishing this book. The first two chapters of this book sucked me in SO fast that I immediately kept reading. This really reminds me of the classic The Outsiders with the rival gangs. This is about Valerie, who wishes to join the Gang Wars to know who get killed her little brother Leo and get revenge. But she gets recruited by the mysterious Stags instead of the White Herons that she expected to be recruited with. The Gang Wars involve the White Herons, the Boars and the Stags. Valerie is pulled into this mysterious gang and starts to uncover things she didn’t expect. Ultimately, this was a disappointment! Parts were SO boring and repetitive that I felt like nothing was happening to propel the plot and I started skim reading. Also, I never felt like the Stags were an actual gang. Not much gang activity happens between the three gangs. The Stags just felt like a group of 18+ drinking, partying, doing whatever and occasionally doing stuff that makes them a gang. The actual Gang War aspect never felt fully fleshed out to me. I also really didn’t like the budding romance; it was something I couldn’t get behind. Right now, this is marketed as a standalone and if it is, then it was such an underwhelming ending.

Review to Come in August

Medieval-a-Thon prompts: Something pointy on the cover (dagger) & Mercenary (axe)


Nearly Finished


I NEARLY finished this for the Medieval-a-Thon! I would’ve had 3 more challenges satisfied with this one: thick paperback (leggings), yellowed pages (shoes) and assassins (swords). But I still had a few hours left so I didn’t count it for the readathon. This was my 3rd time reading this book, since the last book is out in February. But I did finish it early this month and my review is still the same with LOVING this book so much. January LaVoy is a genius narrator and I can’t recommend it enough.

ARC August TBR/Need to Finish

42281646. sy475 41823536. sx318 448246674286793736254449. sy475 35053301. sy475

These are all the ones I have on my “high priority” mental list to complete. I’ve got the audio books for Stolen Time (which I can FINALLY finish, since I initially picked it up in April) and Don’t Date Rosa Santos for the book club that Noura does on Goodreads. Then I have more of my ARC pile and I’m on the blog tour for Song of the Abyss, which is coming later this month. So far, as of this post, I have finished 1 one of these so that’s good luck so far lol. I’m not gonna list anything else here on the TBR, but anything else I can get to will be great. Wish me luck everyone!

What did you read in July? Did you also participate in Medieval-a-Thon and if so, what was your final rank? What are your August reading plans? Let me know in the comments!