Happy Monday everyone! Sorry this post is late; it’s been a very busy couple of weeks around here and I’ve been trying to catch up lol. But today, I want to talk about my current favorite things/obsessions with all of you! These things are most of the reason why I’ve been both behind on blog content and not quite reading as much as I should. Let’s jump in!

1. Layers of Time by Lacuna Coil (Italian metal band)

I’ve been a fan of this Italian metal band since 2006 when I discovered their Karmacode album, which I HIGHLY recommend if you like some metal music. While I do admit that I’m not quite a fan of the more “death metal” voice that the guy singer does, I still think that Cristina Scabbia is a GODDESS in metal. I love the music of this new song and it’s easily a song to keep listening to. I’m interested to see what their new album will be like. They also do an AMAZING cover of “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode that I’ll leave down here. It’s so freaking good 🙂

2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses (Nintendo Switch)

I have LOVED this video game franchise since my early teen years and playing these games on Gameboy Advance (raise your hand if you’re as old as me LOL). So when Nintendo said we would FINALLY get another Fire Emblem console game, I freaked out. The last one they did for a console was Radiant Dawn on the Nintendo Wii. But when I learned that your character that would be a professor at an academy and you would choose between three houses and be that house’s professor, I was uncertain. That’s a major change to normal Fire Emblem games, but MAN was I quickly assured. I love this game so much!! I’ve already played through the Blue Lions and the Golden Deer houses. Now I’m on the Black Eagle house, which has been the most popular house among fans. This is a game NOT TO MISS on Switch. If you haven’t played this franchise before, this is a good starting point. Many things are very simple and easy to do and get used to…and also easy to fall down the obsessive rabbit hole.

3. Avatar: The Last Airbender (a.k.a. The Perfect Animated Show)

So this show has been around for a long time. I remember seeing trailers for it on Nickelodeon but since I was reaching high school age, I felt like:

Image result for aint nobody got time for that

Well…I started watching it recently and I’M OBSESSED! But now, I feel like this:

Image result for you are so dumb gif

But no really I love this show so much! It’s practically perfect! I’m into the final season now and these characters really feel like a family. I love Sokka’s horrible puns, Appa’s loyalty, Aang’s personal growth and heart of gold and then Iroh…man this guy is the best! It’s so interesting comparing him to many other people in the Fire Nation. But I love Iroh’s look on life and his relationship with Zuko. This show has pulled my heartstrings SO MANY TIMES but I’m not even mad. I can’t wait to finish this last season and then cry that it’ll be over lol. NO SPOILERS PLEASE 🙂


So these are my current favorites right now! Let’s chat about them in the comments 🙂 What are your current favorite things?