Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your week is going well 🙂 I wanted to do this weekly meme that was created by Sam from Taking on a World of Words where we talk about the books we just finished, currently reading and hope to finish. Let’s get started!

What are you currently reading?

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I am currently listening to 2 audio books: Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones and Don’t Date Rosa Santos by Nina Moreno. I STILL haven’t finished the audio book of Rosa Santos, which is a bummer. My headphones accidentally went through my washer so I need to go get new ones. I mostly listen to my audio books via my headphones so I hope to fix that soon. But so far, I’m liking all three of us very well. I think the writing by Nina Moreno in Rosa Santos is STELLAR and I love all of the character’s voices. There Will Come a Darkness is a NetGalley ARC that I’m loving and it’s a high fantasy that has 5 points of view. I love the atmosphere and the plot line of a final prophecy that’s supposed to prevent an apocalype is very promising. Finally, I wanted to pick up another Emily Lloyd-Jones book, since I did enjoy The Hearts We Sold. So I bought the Audible audio book of Illusive, which is the only book by Lloyd-Jones that has an audio book. It’s a bit of a dysopian book but also reminds me of Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson with people having super powers.

What did I recently finish reading?

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I finally finished this book, after initially starting it clear back in April. But I still thought about this book while reading other things and picked up the audio book and it helped me finish it. This is a YA hidden gem that uses time travel is a great way that feels well thought out. We follow Dorothy, a con girl from 1913 and Ash, a WWII fighter pilot and how both of their fates collide and they end up in 2077 New Seattle. This is a highly underrated book that more people need to try. My mini review is coming up soon (PROMISE) and I cannot wait for the sequel.

What will I read next?

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After finishing the three things I’m juggling, I’m gonna tackle these next ones. I’ve got a nice finished copy of Crown of Coral and Pearl (spoiler for my August book haul) that I can’t wait to get into. Then I have ARCs of The Bone Houses and The Girl the Sea Gave Back to read before they release (I’m excited for The Bone Houses the most) and the next audio book is the highly acclaimed Midnight at the Electric. This book got 6 starred reviews when it came out 2 years ago and many people have labeled it as a modern YA classic book. It’s also a short book, so I hope that I will agree with the critical hype behind this book.


What are you currently reading? Have you read any of these and what did you think of them? Let me know in the comments!