Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I wanted to jump back on the Top 5 Wednesday train, even though the “summer hiatus” is still in effect. So I wanted to dig through the covers I’ve seen this year and show my top 5 favorite YA book covers this year. I will include 5 honorable mentions that made it really close…because that’s what you do for posts like this lol :p So with this, as a key thing: I’m not including books like Ten Thousand Doors of January since that is adult fantasy or Tunnel of Bones or Dead Voices since they’re middle grade books. This will only be books that are published under YA imprints. These are also books that are published this year in 2019; covers for upcoming books that have been revealed don’t count this time. These aren’t ranked completely, but you get the idea 🙂 let’s jump in!

1. The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd-Jones

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While this is simplistic compared to most YA covers, this caught my eye immediately after seeing it on Twitter. And of course, now that it’s a favorite book of all time, this cover means even more to me. I love how the skull is so intricate with different curving lines and shades of yellow. The design of the skull makes it feel like you’re staring into something otherworldly and it also invites you to open and start reading the story within. Since this book also has Welsh type names and village names, I wonder if some of the design also has some of that touch as well. But either way, this cover is bold with its two color tone and completely alluring and it’s story deserves such a great cover.

2. The Gilded Wolves #1 by Roshani Chokshi


OH MY HEART! This cover really speaks to one manner of the story: the lushness of both the writing style and the setting. I was nervous about this book at first, since I hadn’t had great luck with this author in the past. But this blew me away with a great cast characters, intriguing magic with the Babylon artifacts and quite the treasure hunting adventure. The author really pulls out all the stops to give a sparkling story with some hidden sharp edges such as how indigenous cultures had things stolen from them and put into museums and how people of color were looked upon back in the day. But I love how the gold and green contrast so brightly and small touches of purple flowers are little pops of extra color.

3. The Never Tilting World #1 by Rin Chupeco


Luckily this book comes out next month, because I need this on my shelves facing outward so I can keep looking at it! This is a new upcoming series from this author who wrote the very beloved Bone Witch trilogy. This new one talks about one part of the world being caught in either eternal night and eternal day. I love how you see both sides to this world and how the blue is more muted but holds the large moon above it. Also, the flaming day looks like trees on fire which is a cool choice. You also see the lines that seems to shape the world in a circular shape and even the spikes to the side are a cool little style addition. I hope this story will be just as epic as this cover is!

4. House of Salt and Sorrows by Erin A. Craig


Come on, who can resist this cover? I can’t! Ever since I read this book back in February as an e-ARC, I was spellbound every time I saw this book on social media and Goodreads! This book is dark, with its cool colors and salt crusted rocks. The gold font is curving and stark against the cold waters underneath them. This book completely speaks to the story you read when you open it: a fairy tale retelling with some freaking dark sequences and atmosphere that makes you feel the rain and smell the briny ocean. The artist that made this better have a long career, because this stands out compared to SO many books that have come out this year already.

5. The Lady Rogue by Jenn Bennett


BEHOLD THE CROWN JEWEL! Truly, if I could pick from any favorite cover this year, it’s this one! This gilded, striking masterpiece speaks to my soul whose loved anything Dracula/Vlad the Impaler and adventure stories seeking magical artifacts. This is a new release that follows Theodora, a young girl whose the daughter of a famous treasure hunter. But when Huck, her father’s assistant and her previous love, comes back and says her father is missing, they set out across Eastern Europe to find not only her father, but a bone ring he was seeking that once belonged to Vlad the Imapler. Some dark occultists are after them and the two of them go through the Carpathian mountains, small villages and escape hotels as they try to find her father. This book shows everything that the story within is: rich in culture, shining with masterful writing and history of Eastern Europe. The dragon head symbolizes that Dragon that probably never died and those who will kill to get that bone ring. Now that it’s out in the world now, the finished copy is even more beautiful in person and it will grace my shelves forever 🙂

Honorable Mentions

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What are your favorite covers this year? Are any of these your favorite? Let me know in the comments!