Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m finally here with the stuff I read in August and most of my September TBR. Since this is so late, the TBR portion is only going to include what I plan to finish in the last half of the month. But as far as August is concerned, my reading was quite stale for a bit. I didn’t finish some stuff as fast as I expected, but I found some surprises in August which is good and I just barely passed my average of the number of completed books! Let’s jump in!

Total Books Completed: 6

ARCs: 3

Audio Books: 3 (includes library copies and copies I do own)

Personal Books: 1

Library Books/Audio Books: 1

DNFs: 1


13642237Listened from June 21st-August 1st

Re-listen 2019

Rating: 5 stars

Since there is a Diviners readalong that some booktubers are doing in order to anticipate the last book in February, I also decided to re-listen to the first book again. I still love this book so much! It’s creepy, perfectly written at times funny and clever and has such memorable characters. There’s still a couple animal deaths, one on page directly and then one just described but off page, that I I don’t think need to be in there, but besides that, this book is practically perfect! I reviewed this not too long ago, so I’m not going to write an updated review. You can check out my previous review right here.

42281646. sy475 Read from August 3rd-11th

ARC from Edelweiss

Rating: 2 stars

Man this was such a disappointment! I really enjoyed the author’s debut novel last year, but this felt like a major step backwards due to the poor pacing, awfully flat characters and just an uninteresting desert world. Since this is a also a retelling of an 1800’s short story, it doesn’t really feel like it’s a retelling without having read it if that makes sense. Sadly, I would say to skip this one and just read her first book instead.

35053301. sy475 Read/Listened from July 4th-August 14th

Read both personal Kindle copy & Library audio book

Rating: 4.5 stars

While this did take me a long time to finally finish this, I LOVED this! This is a new book that ALMOST NO ONE is talking about and it needs more love! This follows a girl from 1913 escaping an arranged marriage and finds a guy and his time machine in the woods. She then sneaks onto his ship and ends up in 2077 New Seattle. This is such a twisty time travel adventure that I always thought about when I wasn’t reading or listening to it. I NEED book 2 so badly!

A Bunch of Mini Book Reviews #2! (Much delayed…)

36524503. sy475 Read from August 21st-26th

ARC from Edelweiss

Rating: 5 stars 

This was undoubtedly my FAVORITE book this month and also a FAVORITE OF ALL TIME! I was excited for this book, but had no idea what kind of story I was in for. This follows Ryn, a gravedigger trying to support her siblings and Ellis, a traveling mapmaker, must stop the undead Bone Houses from rising at night. This book had tension, great atmosphere, perfect writing, a loyal goat companion and a sweet romance and well balanced characters. I only wanted to keep reading this book when I wasn’t and this book cements Emily Lloyd-Jones as an auto read author from now on; her ideas are so different from the two books I’ve read and I love her originality. Can’t sing this book’s praises enough!

Five Reasons to Read The Bone Houses + Aesthetic Board

36461778. sy475 Listened from August 23rd-29th

Library Audio Book narrated by Amy McFadden

Rating: 3.5 stars

This wasn’t quite as amazing as I expected. While this is a sci-fi horror, I’ve seen stuff like this before and most of it felt a bit too familiar and the book does feel a bit too long. The suspenseful moments were far and between for me. While this audio book was solid enough that I did keep listening, I did want more from caring to more about most of the characters to a faster pace. But I did like seeing how much the author did her research and the ending was a bit unexpected in a good way. I hope to get to the last book soon!

Double Audio Book Review: Contagion #1 & Don’t Date Rosa Santos (Super Late)

41823536. sx318 Read from August 7th-31st

ARC from NetGalley

Rating: 3.5 stars

This one did take me a long time to read, since I had to multitask finishing a few things before I could complete this book. This is a book about a final prophecy and how a group of Paladins must find the last Prophet to stop the coming Age of Darkness. I like these kind of stories and at times, this book reminded me of Mistborn with the darker atmosphere and the mystery surrounding the outcome of the story. I did like the POV chapters from Ephyra, Hassan and Beru more than the others. The actual plot itself was interesting and I think the ending sets the second book up for quite the ending, if I’m correct in it being a duology. While some characters didn’t feel as fleshed out and the Grace powers didn’t feel utilized and felt like they were part of the world, this is still a solid debut that I do recommend and I’m going to read the sequel when it’s out next year.

Mini ARC Review: There Will Come a Darkness #1



36254449. sy475

Blog Tour book

DNF (for now)

I signed up for the blog tour for this book, which was in August, but I had to DNF it because this was a case of the companion novel made me feel lost having not read the first one. The publisher and author said that you could read this one without reading the first, but I didn’t think that was the case. There were so many references and character quirks that felt like they were already established in book one that I needed first. So it’s just a temporary DNF. I do own the first book, so I’m going to read the first book and then come back to this one 🙂


Nearly Finished

44824667. sx318 Listened to 80% in August

I was SO CLOSE to finishing this audio book in August, but I fell a bit short. There were times where the plot just didn’t quite interest me, so it did take me longer. But I did finish it this month in September and you can see my double audio book review for this linked up above.

September TBR (Last Half)

38462717. sy475 419516113651180537789836. sy475 43575115. sy475

There’s 2 ARCs that I NEED to finish this month: The Tenth Girl and the highly anticipated book Angel Mage. The Tenth Girl comes out on the 24th, so I need to see what fate this book will have by the end of next week. It is a polarizing debut novel, but I’m not far in so I need to read more and see how this will go. Then I just started Angel Mage over the weekend, since it comes out in October 1st, so it’s time to get cracking, especially since this book is over 500 pages! But so far, I love the world and the ideas that the book has introduced so far. I know it’s a beast of a book, so wish me luck that I can finish it in time. Also I want to get at least 25% of The Starless Sea by the end of this month, since it comes out early November and I’ve been wanting to see what this book is all about. In addition, I’m almost done with the audio book of Serious Moonlight (spoiler for my September book haul), which I decided to give a try since I freaking love The Lady Rogue that came out earlier this month. So far, it’s good and I’ll have a review up soon once I finish it.

Lastly, the need to read Give the Dark My Love is SO strong! I bought this book in December with birthday money last year and the sequel is out next week. Also some recent reviews have been popping up on this book that have made me DYING to pick it up. So if I can tackle some of my ARC stuff, I hope to read this very very soon. I know it’s a dark fantasy about a girl who descends into being an anti-hero and that necromancy/dark magic is used and I cannot wait to read it. Anything else I finish this month will be extra 🙂

What did you read in August? Have you read any of these books? Are any of these on your remaining Sept TBR as well? Let me know in the comments!