Happy October everyone! It’s finally the best month of the year and it’s fall 🙂 It’s also time for the monthly September wrap up and one SCARY October TBR. My reading in September was really interesting; I read a couple more things than I normally do but there were some duds this past month as well. Plus, this TBR for October is huge and I’m scared if I’ll accomplish it lol. Plus there’s some other fun stuff to talk about 🙂

Fun Stuff

I got 2 new Switch games! I got the remastered Link’s Awakening and the new DragonQuest: Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition S. I seriously love all the new RPG’s that are on Nintendo Switch and I’m glad to have more to my pile. I did play the free demo for DragonQuest and for those of you who remember Tales of Symphonia (pictured below), I’ve gotten all the vibes of Symphonia with the new DragonQuest so I had to wait a week for the actual game to come out and it was a STRUGGLE lol :p but it’s an awesome JRPG so far and highly recommend it. As far as Link’s Awakening, I never got tot play the original version but now I can finally play it. I hope Nintendo keeps planning on remastering the older games so that more people can play them 🙂

Image result for tales of symphonia


All the RPG games!


And in puppy news, Sabriel is now 6 months old! Our little nugget is getting bigger! She definitely gives Leo a run for his money with all her energy. We still don’t know what her mix is, with being half Lab but she’s so much fun and always entertains us with her personality.


Reading Wrap Up



Audio Books: 2.5 (one book was half audio book, half personal book)

Personal Books: .5

Library Books: 3

ARCs: 1

DNFs: 1



Read on September 9th

Rating: 5 stars (all three)

So after completing this EPIC TV show, I had to start reading the comics! Luckily a couple of my library co-workers told me which ones to start with and I read all 3 of these in one day! This DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE SHOW, so don’t read these unless you’ve watched all the show. I did love seeing how everyone is doing since the show ended and this story arc was so much fun. Sokka and Toph have a couple hilarious moments and the ending is a small cliff hanger, so luckily I have the next story arc. I’m also so happy that these comics feel like TV episodes; I wasn’t sure if the same vibe that the show had would be there, but it totally did. So I can’t wait to dive into the next story arc: The Search!

41717246. sy475 Listened from May 22nd-Sept 10th

Audible Audio Book, narrated by Almarie Guerra

Rating: 4 stars

So this did take me forever to listen to lol! I wanted to finish this during the month of May but it just didn’t happen. I’ll be honest that part of the plot just felt so slow that I didn’t pick this up all the time and it took me longer to finish. But overall, this book is very sweet, refreshing and so honest in the search for your identity with your culture. The narrator is first rate fantastic and I loved this own voices story about Rosa. She’s such a memorable protagonist and her abulea was honestly my favorite character overall. This was a very solid debut and I’m excited her next books.

Double Audio Book Review: Contagion #1 & Don’t Date Rosa Santos (Super Late)

36511805Listened from Sept 3rd-18th

Audible Audio Book, narrated by Devon Sorvari

Rating: 4 stars

I’m getting on a good streak with YA contemporary lately. This was such a surprise and I really enjoyed this! After loving The Lady Rogue, I had to give one of her contemporaries another shot. The chemistry between Daniel and Birdie is PERFECT and I cared for their romance so much. Birdie did frustrate me at first, but she did grow on me by the end and the narrator did a fantastic job! Now I need to read/listen to every YA book that Bennett has written, since she’s becoming an auto-read book.

Double Book Review: Angel Mage and Serious Moonlight

37789836. sy475 Read and listened from September 22nd-26th

Personal book & Library audio book, narrated by Bruce Mann and Mhari Morrison

Rating: 3.75 stars

I finally picked this book up, since the sequel is now out! Plus I knew that this would have the darker atmosphere that I love to read during the fall time. I went back and forth between my personal hardcover that I bought last year and the library audio book and doing both helped me finish this within a few days! This follows Nedra, a girl whose trying to study medicinal alchemy to cure the Wasting Death plague that’s ravaging her island and Grey, a boy she meets at Yugen Academy and tries to help her not succumb to darkness. Man this book was BLEAK but also very captivating. I always had to keep going to know what was going to happen. Content warning for animal abuse (the alchemists put rats in their crucibles and transfer the pain from the patient into the rat) and there was a mention about using a kitten for that same purpose but it doesn’t happen. This can be unsettling for people, since I was affected, so be aware. I do admit that this author has such a great writing style and she doesn’t really pull any punches. I am doing a series review for this duology, so it’s coming soon once I read the sequel. While I did want to connect a bit more to Nedra and some of the pacing was uneven, this is a great Halloween read.

(Series review coming soon)

41951611Read from Sept 10th-29th

ARC from Edelweiss

Rating: 2 stars

Man…this was SUCH a disappointing read! Not only did it take me a long time to read, but it just didn’t satisfy the NEED I had for this to be a 5 star read. I’ve such a huge Garth Nix fan, but this didn’t do it for me at all. I’m still so mad about it lol. I did do my review for this very recently, so it’s linked above if you want to know more about my thoughts. If you’re a fan of his work and still want to read this, I would say to pick it up so you can form your own thoughts, but be aware that he writes it like a classic novel (like Dumas or other classic authors) and that won’t work for everyone. I wouldn’t start with this book if you want to try his work; I would either try his Old Kingdom series first.

(Review linked above)



38462717. sy475 DNF’d after 100 pages

I did rate this 2 stars on Goodreads and I think that does reflect how I felt about the pages I did read. This book is very polarizing and I completely see why. I was nervous that I would fall in the negative category and sadly, I was right. There’s a second POV besides Mavi that I downright hated because it killed ALL the tension in Mavi’s 1978 story line. While I do give some creative points for the twist, this book is FAR too long and I feel like the second POV was unnecessary.

Mini ARC Review: The Tenth Girl (Another Late One…)


Scary (Literally) October TBR

This TBR is massive you guys and it’s really intimating! There’s new releases that I NEED to review before they expire and there’s also some audio books I REALLY hope to get to. Behold, my TBR:

43220998. sy475 4388567435827843. sy475 3657854342642042. sy475 35425827. sx318 4429175543575115. sy475 4635647142867937Image result for bid my soul farewellImage result for serpent and dove

I said it was scary LOL! So, except for The Bridge Kingdom and Archenemies, everything else pictured are books I HAVE to get to this month! I am going to get the audio books for The Girl the Sea Gave Back and Fireborne and while I am going to review them late, the audio books are going to be the quickest ways for me to finish them. But other than that, all the ARCs I’m reading this month are here! I am on the blog tour for The Fountains of Silence, which I got on just recently, so that book is going to be finished first. Then, whatever ones I can finish first will be done lol. If I don’t finish The Starless Sea this month, I hope to be close to 70% by the end of the month. It does archive on Netgalley 2 weeks after it’s published, so I have some wiggle room if I need it. But yeah, this is just terrifying for me and I thought that this past month was crazy lol. Wish me luck guys!

Library copies: Bid My Soul Farewell, The Girl the Sea Gave Back and Serpent & Dove (audio books)

Personal audio books: Archenemies and The Bridge Kingdom #1

ARCs: Everything else lol

What did you read in September? Have you read any of these and what are your thoughts on them? What do you plan to read in October? Let me know in the comments!