It’s finally here! I apologize for all the late content lately; honestly, the motivation to blog has been kinda hard. I’m not really sure why, but any advice you guys can give to battle the lack of motivation would help a lot! But for now, here’s all the stuff I got in October!

Audio Books & Personal Purchases

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  • Fireborne #1 (Audible): I decided to get this one on Audible, since I had a long drive ahead of me in October. This follows Lee, the last of the dragon nobility before a bloody revolution and Annie, a girl from a poor family who meets Lee in the orphanage when they’re young. Both become chosen as dragon riders and this first book is very character driven and full of politics. This helped with the drive, but I didn’t love it enough to keep.
  • Rules for Vanishing (Kindle eBook): This book has been getting a ton of great reviews, saying it’s an amazing YA horror book and it’s already been optioned for a TV show if I remember correctly. So after seeing a ton of great reviews, I bought it before Halloween. I haven’t been able to get to it yet, but it sounds like it’s right up my alley for winter. This book is about a mysterious path that only appears once a year and the main character gets a few people to go on this path with her to find her sister. I hear it’s freaking and messed up and while the ending does divide a few people, I’m here for it.
  • The Air Awakens series (Kindle): There was a good deal going on for this whole series on Kindle, so I got it. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this author on a few booktube channels over the years. I know this series deals with a girl who finds out she has elemental magic and that’s pretty much it.  But I hope the hype is worth it 🙂
  • Gunslinger Girl: I bought this at a used book store and it was in fantastic condition! I saw this at a few bookstores for a bit after it came out last January. It sounds like a Western but set in an alternate world where a second Civil War has decimated the states and the protagonist is a famed sharp shooter. I do really like that YA does have a few Western titles out there and I hope to love this one.
  • This Mortal Coil #1: I also bought this one at the same used bookstore. I love this series so much and I’ve been waiting for the final book to come out! I’ve read the first 2 that are out, but never owned them. So I figured this was a good time to buy the first one and eventually buy the second so I can re-read these before the finale comes out. This YA sci-fi series is seriously fantastic, with genetic hacking and other creepy sci-fi stuff that makes this a standout series.
  • The Fire Keeper (The Storm Runner #2): I bought this at Target on a whim last month. The covers for this middle grade series are so gorgeous and with the bit I have read of the first one, I have a feeling I’ll really like this series. This is one of the series under the Rick Riordan Presents imprint and has Mayan mythology. Now that I have both books that are out, a marathon is soon in order before the next one.


ARCs from Publishers

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  • All the Stars and Teeth #1 (NetGalley): REJOICE REJOICE! I got accepted for this beautiful  book in October and I couldn’t be happier! This is a really hyped debut novel coming in February and it has pirate ships, killer mermaids and a girl who is trying to become the Master o Souls. What’s not to love about that?! I plan to read this in January, after catching up on a few things. But I’m seriously hoping I love this one.
  • Scammed (Vale Hall #2) (Edelweiss): I have been able to download some Macmillan titles from Edelweiss again and most of these titles are from Macmillan in this section. I also helped reveal the cover for this book on Twitter and my Instagram stories this past week 🙂 This is the sequel to The Deceivers,  which I read clear back in the beginning of this year. While I didn’t completely love the first book, I want to give this series another try. This is a contemporary story, but has a school for con artists that the main character ends up becoming enrolled in.
  • The Silence of Bones (Edelweiss): This is a summer 2020 title and is a historical fiction book with a murder mystery attached to it. We follow a girl whose been orphaned and becomes indentured to the police in Korea in 1800. When a woman is murdered, the protagonist’s loyalty is tested when the inspector she befriends becomes a suspect. I love historical fiction, especially when they take place in other countries.
  • Where Dreams Descend #1 (Edelweiss):  REJOICE ONCE AGAIN!! HAPPY DANCE! When I saw this book available to download, I screamed and wanted to dance like a maniac. This book is blurbed as a mix of “the Night Circus, Phantom of the Opera and Moulin Rogue” and those speak to me on a personal level. The main synopsis you can get on Goodreads is that a group of magicians face off in a game to become the next headliner for the Conquering Circus, but an unknown threat lurks beneath the scenes. I’m dying to read this so badly and 2020 is gonna make a great reading year when I start this one.
  • Tigers, Not Daughters (Edelweiss): I really loved this author’s debut novel A Fierce and Subtle Poison, but really felt underwhelmed by her sophomore novel All the Wind in the World. But I have hopes that her third book will be much better. I love this author’s writing style period, so she’s an auto read author. This book follows three sisters who are both reeling from their older sister’s death, but also wanting to love their town behind. It seems like this book also might have magical realism elements. Fingers crossed for this book!


Library Stuff


  • Avatar the Last Airbender: The Rift parts 1-3: I got the next story arc in the Avatar comics, They’ve become easier to get at my library so I’m excited to read the next story line. These are such fun to read. Again, DON’T READ THESE until you’ve watched the TV show due to major spoilers.
  • Gods of Jade and Shadow (Audio Book): This book sounds really awesome! It’s set in the 1920’s and has Mayan mythology. I believe the Mayan god of Death is a character as well. I’ve heard such great things about both this book and this author in general and I plan to listen to this soon before it expires. I want this author to be a new favorite.


What did you get in October? Did you get any of these books? Are you excited for any of these? Let me know in the comments!