Happy Monday everyone! I hope you guys had a great weekend and if you celebrate Thanksgiving coming up, I hope you have the best holiday! 🙂 Today, I wanted to share a couple things, especially one thing that’s been on my mind for a while. It’s time that I admit what I’ve been feeling and I need help from you guys on trying to figure out what to do next.

So for the past month and a half, possibly a bit longer than that, I’ve struggled to do blogging in general. I’ve suffered from lack of motivation to write blog posts, surf what everyone has been up to, lack of reading motivation, etc. That’s why I’ve been dark on social media and here lately. I’m not sure where the lack of motivation to write blog posts, but it’s bad guys. I forget so often to stay on top of my schedule and all of that good stuff. I have been busy with work and some personal things, but I know I do have some spare time to make sure I stay on top of my blog. I’m not sure if a short hiatus would be best, but any suggestions would help. I want to see what all of you have been up to and also stay consistent, but I feel like some of the blogging pressures have gotten to me and I’m not sure what to do. Send help lol. I hope to get better and find a better mindset for not only blogging, but even writing and reading.

As far as reading lately, I’ve finished a few things. I do have a few reviews coming up in the next week so those will be coming soon 🙂 But aside from the reviews that are coming, here’s a few things that I just finished or currently reading.

Recently Finished

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I finished The Athena Protocol very recently and man this book really surprised me! I received a finished copy from a publicist and I hadn’t heard of it before getting it in the mail. I started listening to the audio book from my library and after it expired, I picked up my finished copy. This book is pretty short, just under 300 pages but man this was so streamlined and exciting! My review is coming up on Wednesday so look out for that! Don’t sleep on this book if you like spy stories, especially with an all female spy team. Then, I just finished the audio book for Archenemies a day or two ago. I was waiting to listen to this second book until right before the last book was coming out. I didn’t love this as much as the first book, since it’s not as action packed, but I liked some things that developed and some questions that are brought up. So far, both books are ones I really enjoyed and helped me keep reading.

Currently Reading/Listening

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Since with finishing Archenemies, I obviously had to start Supernova after getting another Audible credit. I seriously love Rebecca Soler and Dan Bitner’s narration of the Renegades series. They bring so much personality, emotion and anger to this trilogy. So far I’m about 12 chapters in and a few things have hit the fan so I’m very optimistic. Then, I also picked up the audio book for Lair of Dreams from library! The final book is out in February and it’s been a year or 2 since I’ve listened to books 2 and 3. I love January LaVoy’s narration of this whole series, which makes the series even more rich. Then finally, I also started the e-ARC for The Iron Will of Genie Lo, the final book in the Genie Lo series. Since I’ve been feeling slumpish since I’ve DNF’d a few things and haven’t loved a ton of things I’ve tried. But the first chapter had me cracking up and glad to be back in this series.

That’s what I’m up to for now. Any suggestions on the blogger burnout would be wonderful 🙂 See you next time guys! Let me know of any tips or current reads in the comments!