Happy Saturday everyone! I apologize for this going up late but it’s still here lol. I’ve been struggling lately to manage my time with all the holiday prep, car problems, work and other things. The lack of sleep is real. But today is my November book haul 🙂 this is a bit smaller compared to other hauls I’ve had this month and that’s not a bad thing. Let’s jump in!

Audio Book (Personal and Library)

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  • Supernova (Renegades #3): I pre-ordered this audio book, knowing that this was coming up soon. While I didn’t love Archenemies, I was still excited to see how the series ended. Overall, it was a good and satisfying finale. My review for the last two books in this trilogy are linked and spoilers for books 2 and slight book 3 spoilers are present in that review.
  • Starsight (Skyward #2): IT’S HERE AT LAST!! While I have both a physical and audio book copies, that’s okay lol. This is the sequel to Skyward which was my favorite book of last year. This continues to follow Spensa as she navigates her new talents and more revelations. I’m going to be listening to this very soon this month and I’m dying to start it.
  • The Bone Houses (Library audio book): I realized that while I’ve been in a weird book slump for the past month or so, I decided that I needed a favorite book to lighten up my mood. So this digital audio book was available on my library app. I’m already more than halfway through by the time of this post and I’m still in love with this book just as I was the first time when I read it this past summer. The narrator is fantastic and it has been helping me with reading 🙂
  • Sisters of Shadow and Light #1: I exchanged an audio book in Audible that I didn’t want to keep and got this one instead. This is a new fantasy book from Sara B. Larson and is about two sister and one has the magical paladin abilities. They’ve been trapped in their tower of a home all their lives and one sister isn’t really able to communicate and someone also enters their home uninvited. I’ve heard good things and I’ve met the author a couple times so I’m intrigued to see what this book is about.
  • Caster: This book was on my radar earlier this year after seeing it on Edelweiss, but once reviews from lovelies like Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall and the amazing Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads gave glowing reviews to this standalone book and they convinced me to pick it up. This is an urban fantasy book about a girl who has the ability to cast magic where it’s pretty much illegal. But when illegal magic kills her sister and she has to make sure her family tea house stays safe, she goes to an underground tournament where the magic has severe and real consequences. (I hope I did the synopsis justice) But this sounds like an action packed book that I can’t wait to listen to soon.
  • The Deceivers #1: I got this audio book from another library app so that I can re-read it again before I read the sequel, which I have an E-ARC of. I gave it 3 stars earlier this year, but I wonder how I’ll feel the second time around. This book follows Bryn, a girl who goes to a school for con artists and it’s a fun romp of a contemporary story, the first in a trilogy.

ARCs from Publishers

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  • The Con Code by Shana Silver (Edelweiss): I’ll admit that this was an impulse download on Edelweiss. I haven’t read any books from Swoon Reads, but I heard solid things about this author’s first book Mind Games who are picky about YA. This sophomore novel is about a girl who is a con artist at her school and also helps her dad with heists. But crap hits the fan and she gathers a group of teen criminals, which one might have a crush on her, as they try to get her dad back, solve her mother’s clues and avoid the FBI. I’m hoping this will be a fun romp of a book. It’s set to come out in August of 2020.
  • Hunted by the Sky #1 by Tanaz Bhathena (Edelweiss): This is a new book from this author and she’s trying her hand at a fantasy series. This is based on medieval India about a girl who has a star shaped birthmark and her parents were killed because of it. Girls with birthmarks have been disappearing for years. When a clan of female warriors that are called the Sisters of the Golden Lotus, they teach the protagonist Gul in warrior magic and she seeks revenge. I haven’t fully read a book by this author, but I always like seeing authors switch up genres in their writing career and I’m excited for this one.
  • A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow (Edelweiss): This was another impulse download for me after seeing the stunning cover. This is a fantasy contemporary YA novel that tells the story of Tavia who is trying to keep her siren identity a secret. But when one of her own kind reveals her identity and Tavia herself uses her voice during a police situation, things start to unravel. This is an own voices novel, the first in a duology and it’s the author’s first YA novel so I have high hopes for this one.

Physical Books (Personal and Library)

  • Starsight (Skyward #2) by Brandon Sanderson: I mostly got this physical copy for my husband to read, but I’m so happy to have 2 versions of this book now! I mentioned the info about this book above where I talk about the audio book version 🙂
  • Gravemaidens #1 by Kelly Coon: As many of you know, I have been on the street team to help Kelly promote her book all year long and I finally got to meet her in early November. It was amazing to have this experience come full circle with getting a copy signed by her and also get to know her in person 🙂 I did read this at the end of October and this is a solid debut fantasy with an ancient Sumeria inspired world.
  • Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte: This is another debut YA novel (came out in February) and since the hype for her second book has been going around on all the bookish social media, it got me curious about her first book. This is set in a fantasy world, where four quadrants of this world have 4 queens, one for each region and suddenly all four of them are dead. The main character Keralie is a thief and con artist who stumbles upon the dead queens and it becomes a mystery of who really killed them. You get Keralie’s POV and also the POV of Queen Iris and I hear the mystery is really good. I hope to read this over the holidays and I have high hopes for this one.
  • Refraction by Naomi Hughes: I ended up reading this book this past week and my review is coming up soon. I got an ARC on NetGalley but I ended up reading the library finished copy (shame on me) and this is a standalone YA sci-fi book. The world is covered in a gray fog and alien monsters appear into our world through reflective surfaces. We follow Marty, a boy with OCD and who as a mirror dealer and ends up finding out the truth behind the fog and the aliens.
  • Winterwood (Owlcrate edition) by Shea Earnshaw: This came in my November Owlcrate box, which I did a post for that you can go to right here if you want to see what came in the box. This is Earnshaw’s sophomore novel about a girl who is a witch who finds a missing boy in the haunted Winterwood forest and there’s supposed to be fantastic atmosphere and secrets in this book. While the reviews have been mixed, I seriously hope to have another book that I love that has a haunted setting.

That’s it for my November book haul! Did you get any of these? Have you read any of them and did you like them? Let me know in the comments!