Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m back with another top 5 Wednesday topic! I don’t know if the girls who run this have been posting more topics, but I think this would be fun to do. Many people think about the series they didn’t get to this year, but want to start next year. So here are 5 series that I do want to start next year. These are books I really wanted to start this year, but reading has been very up and down for me this year, so next year will hopefully the year that I begin these series. Let’s jump in!

1) The Last Magician trilogy by Lisa Maxwell

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I bought the first book a couple years ago after seeing the cover and reading the dust jacket. A historical fantasy with magic? Yes please! I have the first two books even though I haven’t even finished the first one yet. I read the first 100 pages of the first book earlier this year, but I wasn’t in the mood and temporarily put it down. But now that the final book is planned for fall of 2020 (the author has said that the April 2020 Goodreads date is incorrect), it’s time to start this next year. I’ve seen some great reviews from some of my bookish friends and I seriously have high hopes for this trilogy.

2) The Graceling trilogy by Kristin Cashore


So…this series has been out for a long time. I bought all three of these at a used bookstore a year or two ago and my husband read ALL three books before me LOL. I hear fantastic things about Graceling from my husband, co-workers and other book friends. So next year is seriously the year that I read these books. I’m very interested to see what I think of them, since this is a very beloved trilogy.

3) The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells

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I found out about these novellas on Goodreads through a fantasy reader that I follow. This series of novellas have become so popular that the author is writing a full length novel that’s coming out very soon (next year I believe). This is centered around an A.I. named Murderbot and I hear it’s a fun and witty series, especially how Murderbot is as a character. I do like the idea of novellas, since they’re easier to read. They’re all available at my library as well, so I hope to marathon them soon.

4) The Fallen Isles trilogy by Jodi Meadows

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This YA trilogy is also the same case as The Last Magician in which I have the first two books but I haven’t finished the first book. I read a sample of Before She Ignites before I bought it and liked the short sample I had read. This is a fantasy trilogy about a girl who is in prison in the first book even though she’s called the Hopebearer by her people. I’ve also heard that Mira has anxiety and I’ve heard from a lot of people that the anxiety rep is fantastic and there’s dragon trafficking. The covers are also stunning! This is another series that I really want to love due to the elements that I described and next year needs to be the year that I read this trilogy.

5) The Storm Runner series by J.C. Cervantes

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Yet another series that I haven’t completed, but I do own both books that are out…This is apparently a trend for me lol. This is one of the Rick Riordan Presents series that has Mayan mythology. I had read about 75 pages last November while on vacation and loved what I read, but the holidays got crazy and I had to read other things. But I hope next year is the year that I love this series. I haven’t had the best luck with this imprint, but I NEED this middle grade series to be favorite. This follows a boy named Zane who accidentally unleashes the Mayan god of Death in the first book. This book has been praised for the disability rep and I did love everything about the pages that I did read. I think it might be a trilogy and the final book is out next year, so again, high hopes for this one.

Are you wanting to start these series? What series do you want to start next year? If you’ve read these, let me know your thoughts in the comments!