Holy crap everyone! It’s that time of year for making the lists of anticipated books for next year. It’s also the next decade which is kinda nuts (I kinda refuse to admit that next year makes 1990 thirty years old…not yet lol) But here is my first list of anticipated books for January through March. I will keep doing this format with doing every 3 months and doing the check-ins down the road after these are all out.. Here we go! I will be listing these in publication order for each month and each date is subject to change.


1. Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibañez (Expected date: January 7th)

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I first heard about this book Twitter when it was announced and then when the cover dropped, I fell in love with it! I believe that the author also designed the cover herself which is even better. This is a Bolivian inspired fantasy that follows Ximena, who is a decoy of the last Illustrian royal and she has the rare ability to thread moonlight. It sounds like the kind of story of a spy trying to get information for the resistance for her country and I think it’ll be a really fun debut novel.

2. The Iron Will of Genie Lo (Epic Crush of Genie Lo #2) (Expected release date: January 21st)

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I did get an e-ARC of this from Edelweiss a few months ago and by the time this post is up, I should have finished it already. But I really enjoyed the first book with its sharp wit and really fun story. Sadly, this is the last book in the series according to the author but I’m still anticipating it either way. This is a really fun series that I recommend if you like urban fantasy and if you also want to learn some Chinese mythology.

3. This Vicious Cure (This Mortal Coil #3) (Expected Release Date: January 21st)

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It’s almost here!! This is the final book in this sci-fi trilogy and I am HERE for it! This series is an amazing but intense and often terrifying series that deals with a contagion and genetic hacking. We follow Cat, who is the daughter of a famous scientist who is trying to develop a cure for a nasty contagion. But there’s another corporation Cartaxus that also wants this cure. I have loved both books that are out so far, but I do think I’ll need to re-read both of them as a refresher before this final one is out. But fingers crossed for a great finale 🙂

4. Seven Deadly Shadows (Expected release date: January 28th)

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Anime YA book anyone?! Sign me up! I had been waiting on this book for a while, but the release date had changed a few times and a cover didn’t get revealed until the last half of this year. It’s not secret that I’m a huge fan of Courtney Alameda’s debut novel Shutter, so I’m dying for another book by her. This book is inspired by the legendary film Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa and is about a girl whose family shrine is attacked by yokai demons. So the protagonist teams up with seven deadly shinigami, or death gods, to get revenge. I already finished this book and it was awesome! You can check out my review (insert link)


1. All the Stars and Teeth #1 (Expected release date: February 4th)

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I mean, who isn’t excited for this book? This one has mermaids, pirate ships and a princess who is trying to become the High Animancer (the master of souls). I do have an ARC that I will read in January for the new year. This is getting a ton of hype on Twitter and I’m dying for another fantasy to become a favorite. This year hasn’t been quite the best with YA fantasy, so I want next year to kick it out of the park.

2. The King of Crows (Diviners #4) (Expected release date: February 4th)


AT LAST!! I’ve been waiting for the last book for nearly 2 years now! The first book in this series is still my favorite, but I have been working my way (slowly) through listening to all of them. This finale is a long time coming for this series and while I am pumped, I’m also a little bit nervous on how the finale will be carried out. But regardless of my hesitation, this is a YA series set in the 1920’s that still reflects ways of life and thinking that are relevant today and it’s also creepy as hell. This is one of the TOP books I’m waiting on for 2020.

3. Sensational (Spectacle #2) by Jodie Lynn Zdrok (Expected release date: February 11th)


This is the second and final book in the Spectacle duology, which is a historical fiction murder mystery story with light fantasy elements. We followed Nathalie in the first book, as she gained a special power that lets her witness murders of young girls as they happen. The serial killer also knows who she is. The first book was so much fun and really surprised me with the creep factor, great plot and similarities to Jack the Ripper. This book is revolving around the 1889 Exposition Universelle in Paris and Nathalie is once again trying to race against time and find out who is beheading victims with a displayed guillotine. I feel like the first book is such an underrated gem that needs more love and I’m dying to see how this series ends.

4. Night Spinner #1 by Addie Thorley (Expected Release Date: February 11th)

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After reading Thorley’s debut novel An Affair of Poisons, I was so stoked for her next novel. Her debut was such a fun and refreshing book taking place during the 1600’s, based on a real event in history, about a girl who works with poisons and the King of France dies for it. Now, this book is the first in a series and is inspired by the Hunchback of Notre Dame and has a tundra setting. We follow Enebish who is a highly skilled warrior and is also a Night Spinner, able to control threads of darkness. But being scarred after a massacre, her sister comes to her with an offer to capture an notorious criminal and her honor would be restored. This sounds really fun and unique and I’m so excited to see what this author does with this series.

5. Rebelwing #1 by Andrea Tang (Expected Release Date: February 25th)


This is an own voices debut novel about Pru, who is a stellar student and also sells banned media. But when she barely escapes UCC enforcers after a job goes wrong, she finds that her rescuer is a sentient cyber dragon. The dragon is also imprinted on her permanently, so she has no choice but to be its pilot. If this doesn’t sound awesome, I don’t know what does! A sentient cyber dragon? Yes please! This book sounds very original and exciting and I hope that there will be a LOT of this cyber dragon 🙂

6. Twisted Fates (Dark Stars #2) (Expected Release Date: February 25th)


I need this sequel so bad! This is the second book after Stolen Time which is an underhyped sci-fi time travel book that really took me by surprise. I would not look up the synopsis for this sequel if you haven’t read the first book to avoid major spoilers! But the first book follows Dorothy, a girl from 1913 who cons men with her mother and she finds Ash’s time travel ship after he crashes in her time period. She stows away on his ship and goes in the future to 2065 New Seattle. The first book has really good time travel that’s well explained and interesting and a great plot so I’m dying to see what happens after the ending of the first one.


1. The Vanishing Deep by Astrid Scholte (Expected Release Date: March 3rd)

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When I saw the cover and read the synopsis for this book, it really spoke to me and caught my eye. This new YA novel is set in world that was destroyed by water and Tempest dives daily into the underwater ruins for anything she can get for Notes. She needs enough money to have her sister resurrected for only 24 hours. Her sister kept a secret that caused the death of their parents and Tempe has to know why. The premise for this book sounds so amazing and unlike anything I’ve read before. I read a sample of this on BookishFirst and I was blown away with how hooked I was by the sample. It needs to be March already!

2. Harley in the Sky by Akemi Dawn Bowman (Expected Release Date: March 10th)

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This is a YA circus book, which has been kinda hard to find these days. We follow Harley, who has always dreamed of being a trapeze artist and her parents fun a famous circus in Las Vegas. But after a major fight with her parents, Harley joins the rival circus Maison du Mystère, where she is really tested in her loyalties and passion for her dreams. I hear amazing things about this author’s books but I’m excited for a genuine circus book. This sounds like an awesome contemporary that could be a future favorite.


There you have it! The list isn’t big but these are some books I’m dying to read next year. Are any of these on your anticipated list? Let me know in the comments!