Happy New Year everyone! It’s now 2020 and a whole new decade! I can’t believe another decade is finally here. But first, I have a few December things to catch up on before the 2020 starts. First is my December book haul which was pretty awesome. I got a lot more than I expected, but hey, no complaints. Let’s jump in!

Library Stuff & Audible

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  • The Light of All That Falls: This is the final book in the Licanius trilogy, with the first book being The Shadow of What Was Lost which I listened to a while ago. But now I have the entire trilogy on audio book. I wanted to binge all three books once this last one was out, so now I can this new year. This is an adult epic fantasy series that involves time travel, a coming enemy and a group of friends who have to endure trials and learn a lot about themselves and also prevent an enemy from destroying all life. I know that sounds kinda vague, but these epic fantasy series can be hard to describe lol. But if you like Wheel of Time and Brandon Sanderson’s books, I really recommend this series.
  • Four Dead Queens: I have the physical book of this through my library. When I read a sample of this author’s upcoming book The Vanishing Deep on BookishFirst, I was obsessed with it. So now I have her first book. I hope to also have the audio book from my library in case I need to listen to it in order to finish it. This is a fantasy standalone that also has a murder mystery plot to it, since our main character is framed for killing the four queens and she tries to figure out who did it. I hear this is a really fun genre blend YA book, so I’m excited.
  • Refraction & The Liars of Mariposa Island: I got both of these from the library, since I still had to review them on NetGalley and my reviews were late. I did review The Liars of Mariposa Island and Refraction and I really didn’t like one and respected the other, while not having either go above 3 stars. (Both of them got returned this month in January)


ARCs (E-ARCs and Physical)

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  • Girl, Serpent, Thorn by Melissa Bashardoust: I saw a review on this book from Chloe @ The Elven Warrior who loves this book and she convinced me to download it from Edelweiss. This comes out in May and it’s an #ownvoices book about a girl who has been poisonous to the touch from birth. Hardly anyone has seen her, but when her brother is destined to get married, she starts to question whether she wants to find the answers behind her curse. There’s a demon trapped within the castle that could give her answers. I have started this but I’m not far in. But this sounds pretty good so I hope to finish soon.
  • Maya and the Rising Dark by Rena Barron: This is an upcoming middle grade book that I requested on Netgalley since it sounds like fun. This is the short synopsis from Goodreads: After her father goes missing, 12-year-old Maya uncovers that he is the keeper of the gateway between our world and The Dark. To find her father, she’ll need to unlock her own powers and fight a horde of creatures set on starting a war. Stranger Things meets Percy Jackson set on the south side of Chicago. Since I have been trying to find a new favorite middle grade book, I hope this will be a future favorite.
  • The Unwilling by Kelly Braffet: I am on the blog tour for this book and my post is going up on February 13th. I got a physical ARC in the mail right after Christmas. While this has very polarizing reviews on Goodreads, I do hope that I like this. Apparently Erin Morgenstern is enamored with this book and talk about it a lot. It’s basically about a girl who named Judah who was a foundling child. She is raised in a castle alongside Gavin, a boy who is destined to become the next lord of this castle. But despite their bond, Judah starts to realize that she might never have a life outside the castle walls and that a lord named Elban has her as his pawn. It sounds like an adult fantasy, so we shall see when I pick it up soon.
  • Sensational (Spectacle #2) by Jodie Lynn Zdrok: I won this amazing physical ARC from a giveaway that Jodie was running on her Instagram! I came  home from the holidays to have this on my counter and I’m already halfway through as this post goes up. This is the sequel to Spectacle and we continue following Nathalie and how she’s trying to track down a serial killer that’s leaving severed heads at the 1889 Exposition Universelle in Paris. I really liked the first book and this sequel is fantastic! I’ll have a review up soon. Her inscription that you can see above is also brilliant 🙂
  • Where Dreams Descend #1 by Janella Angeles: IT’S HERE YOU GUYS!! I got this ARC right before the holidays and I squealed when it came out of the package! This is a book I’ve talked about on here a couple times and it’s being blurbed as Phantom of the Opera meets Moulin Rogue. I NEED to love this book with every fiber of my soul, so I can’t wait to read this. It comes out in the beginning of June and a review should be up within the next month or two 🙂
















This month was quite the unexpected month to get a lot more physical books that I thought. I haven’t really gotten books for Christmas in the past couple of years, since I buy so many on my own. But I was so happy to get the Illusive and Deceptive hardcovers and the short story on my Kindle! This is Emily Lloyd-Jones’s first series and the hardcovers are not easy to find them. But I got the second book and the short story first and then I found a bookstore near me that had the first one. While at the same used bookstore, I found: This Cruel Design, The Diviners (the hardback that’s not easy to find anymore), Empire of Sand, Illusive #1 and I now have 2 copies of The Hearts We Sold but that’s totally okay. I now have all of Emily Lloyd-Jones’s books now! I have heard AMAZING things about Empire of Sand so I decided to get it at the bookstore. I used to own a hardcover of The Diviners but I ended up gifting it to someone a while ago. But now I’m glad to have this rare hardcover for my collection 🙂

There is my December book haul! I got so many unexpected things but it did make the month even better 🙂 Did you get any of these? If so, which ones? Have you read any of these? If so, let me know what you think of them in the comments!