Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and that January has been great to you so far. Today I realized that Monday got away from me with being off work due to Martin Luther King Day here in the states, so here’s a Top 10 Tuesday! Since it’s the new year, I was thinking about my Kindle and physical book shelves recently and immediately started planning which books to get to after I read more ARCs! These are all books I have either on Audible, my Kindle or physical ones own 🙂

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** = Kindle book

* = Audible audio book

♥ = physical book

  • Dreamland Burning(*) by Jennifer Latham: This is both a contemporary and historical fiction book that I picked up from Audible after seeing random reviews on Goodreads one day. A modern girl Rowan discovers that a skeleton is found on her family’s property. We then follow young Will a hundred years in the past as he tries to discover himself amidst the Tulsa riots and Jim Crow laws. I heard a sample of the narrators and they’re fantastic. Plus I love historical books being standalones so I hope to love this.
  • Empire of Sand #1 (♥) by Tasha Suri: I had this book at one point, but had given it to someone who wanted it. But after hearing a couple booktubers I love to watch and trust their reviews become OBSESSED with this first book. This is inspired by Mongol India and is about a biracial girl who has Amirithi blood. The Amirithi were people that had a connection to the gods through dreams. This is in a companion series and I want to be obsessed with this book as well lol.
  • Illusive series by Emily Lloyd Jones (**♥): I ended up getting the second book and short story in this series for Christmas and I was ecstatic! So after getting those, I found the first book at a used bookstore back in December. This is the only series I haven’t read by this author yet, whose really becoming a favorite author of mine. In this alternate Earth, there was a virus that gave powers to a tiny percentage of people. People have perfect recall, telekinesis, create illusions and so forth. We follow Ciere who can cast illusions and is a teen criminal who gets caught up in a mission to see if the virus that gave her powers is actually still gone.
  • Gullstruck Island (♥) by Frances Hardinge: This author is a VERY popular UK YA author and I’ve heard such amazing things about her novels. I picked this one up last year at Barnes & Noble after loving the new cover design and the plot itself. This book has many different covers but I love this current one. This is about an island that’s rumored to be alive and we follow one sister who is trying to find out her sibling went. That’s all I know but I want to jump on the hype train like many other people are for her books.
  • Gunslinger Girl (♥) by Lyndsay Ely: I’ve heard about this book since it’s release 2 years ago and I’ve always been interested in YA Western books. This appears to be a standalone and follows Serendipity Jones or “Pity” Jones, a famous shooter who inherited her skill and guns from her mother and is trying to fight for her freedom. I bought this at a used bookstore a couple months back.
  • Sea Witch #1 (♥) by Sarah Henning: I bought this at B&N not long after it came out and really enjoying the first few pages. I was also surprised that it got a sequel. This is a Little Mermaid retelling and I’ve barely read any of those. I’ve heard good things so I hope to have another retelling that I enjoy.
  • Rules for Vanishing (**) by Kate Alice Marshall: This is a really hyped YA horror book that I just couldn’t  resist getting late last year. I’ve been dipping my toes into YA horror in the past year or so and I’ve heard this is pretty freaky. This follows a girl who goes onto a road that only appears once a year to find her sister who disappeared. I’ve heard that the road messes with the group of teens who venture on it and I’ve heard it can get intense so I’m here for it.
  • Graceling #1 (♥): I’ve mentioned this in a few TBR posts and I STILL haven’t gotten to this yet. This is a very beloved, older YA book that I wonder if I’ll like but I want to finally get this trilogy read this year.
  • The Last Magician #1 (♥) by Lisa Maxwell: I mentioned this in my “Top 5 series to start in 2020” late last year and I NEED to love this series! The final book is supposed to come out late this year, so now is the perfect time to start. This is a hyped YA historical fantasy series that involves time travel and different magical abilities with an early 1900’s setting as well as modern day. I NEED another series like The Diviners that has a historical setting but with magic to be obsessed over.
  • Passenger & Wayfarer (♥) by Alexandra Bracken: I have read about 100 pages of Passenger before but I never ended up finishing it. I have heard polarizing reviews on this duology and this author in general but I hope it’ll be another fun one. This also involves time travel, as a modern girl figures out she has time travel powers and ends up in like the 1700’s. I’ve owned this series for a while so I need to finally read it and see if I’m with those that enjoy it!


This is my top 10 books to read this new year! Have you read any of these? If so, what did you think of them? Which ones should I read first? Let me know in the comments!