Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend 🙂 I can’t believe that January is almost over. It’s weird how January never feels like that it lasts very long. But here’s a quick update of what I’m currently reading/listening. I have a couple fun posts I’m working on that I will post very soon!


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I finished these two things in the past week! I was going through the Diviners series again since the final book comes out February 4th which is SO soon! This was the second time listening to Before the Devil Breaks You and some of you may remember my original review being disappointed about this book. But I’m crazy for saying that lol. I LOVED this book the second time around. I finally realized how things were building towards the conclusion. I appreciate the book now with the character growth, suspense, political and social unrest and of course, the shocks that were aplenty. I have a post about the Diviners coming this Friday 🙂 Then I finished my ARC of Scammed and you can read my review right here in case you missed it. This sequel pulled the rug from under me in a great way and I will read the final book now.


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I started my library audio book copy of Dark of the West at last after finishing Diviners 3. This book is a debut fantasy book that very much sounds and feels like a WWII type story but in an original fantasy world. I just know that we follow Athan, a son of a powerful general and Princess Aurelia. There is war brewing between their countries and they are bound to fall in love. I like the narrators and this is a book I really want to love. Next, I am on the Jean BookNerd blog tour for The Uwilling which is an adult fantasy. My review is supposed to be on 2/13, but I’m curious to see if I like this. It currently has a 3.3 rating on Goodreads, but I’ll give it a shot 🙂


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I’m going to listen to Dark of the West as much as possible before the final Diviners book is out next week. I have The King of Crows pre-ordered on Audible so I’ll be ready on release day. Then after I see what I think of The Unwilling, I also have ARCs of Rebelwing and The Life Below to also read. I’m on the FFBC tour for The Life Below and my review stop is 2/19 and I need to review Rebelwing before it releases on 2/25. It has cybernetic dragons and I’ve seen GLOWING reviews of this already so I hope to be on the hype train as well!

What are you currently reading? Are you excited for the final Diviners book? Let me know about your reading in the comments!