Happy February everyone! I hope January was a good month for you to start the new year 🙂 I’m here with my wrap up & TBR! January was a good enough month to start out the new year. I read a total of 8 things with 3 comics, 2 audio books and 3 ARCs to start out the year. I also have a favorite book of the year so far with one of my books and 2 re-reads of the Diviners series! Let’s jump in:

Total Books Read/Listened: 8

Audio Books: 2

Library Books: 3

ARCs: 3

DNFs: 2








Read from January 2nd-8th


ARC from the author via Instagram giveaway

Rating: 4 stars

I was so happy to get an ARC of this book from Jodie herself from a giveaway and I started it right after the month started. This sequel takes place 2 years after Spectacle and we follow Nathalie after the events of book one and how the 1889 Universelle Exposition comes to Paris. She and her friends are in love with the fascinating exposition, but the joy is cut short when a severed head is found in one of the exhibits. Nathalie teams up with the police once again to figure out who the killer is and also wonders why her powers are changing. This was a fun sequel that beings with action pretty quickly. The highlight for me was seeing how Nathalie develops as a character, with her figuring out her feelings and learning more about her powers. This sequel is more about her figuring out her Insightful powers and honestly, the murder mystery takes a back seat. Once we knew who the real killer was, it was really rushed and the murderer’s motivation wasn’t very convincing. But I still recommend this sequel for the character development and seeing how they end up 🙂

Mini ARC Review: Sensational (Spectacle #2)

26521836Listened from December 21st-January 10th

Original listen: April-May 2017

Original rating: 3-3.5 stars

2020 rating: 4.25 stars

I am so happy that I gave this another chance! I didn’t love this second installment a couple years ago. I thought the pacing was way too slow and I didn’t care for some of the character stuff. But now after a second listen, I appreciate this sequel much more. This book shows the rising political and social unrest that’s important and we really dig into new character Ling and also Henry who are both dream walkers. I also appreciated how they do learn more about Project Buffalo and the fake romance between Evie and Sam is everything.

45728344. sy475 Read from January 11-15th

Physical ARC via BookishFirst

Rating: 5 stars

HOLY CRAP this was amazing! This is already a favorite book of the year and a standalone to NOT miss. We’re in a world where the Great Waters covered most of the Earth and much of the ruins of Earth are underwater. Tempest is diving for valuables so she has enough money to revive her sister Elysea for 24 hours. People can revive a loved one for a steep price and only under certain conditions. Tempest knows that her sister knows the truth of what happened to her parents, who were killed a few years before. We also follow Lor, a boy with a tragic past who lives on Palindromena Island, where the revivals take place. He becomes the girls Warden who oversees the revival and that the rules are followed. But the girls escape to find the truth and Lor goes after them with intentions of his own. This book just has brilliant world building, amazing sister bond and a great mystery. I felt for Tempe SO much and her emotions and grief truly shine in this book. The author really proves her visions for YA are so refreshing and interesting that I can’t wait to see what she writes next 🙂

Five Reasons to Read The Vanishing Deep


Read around January 25-28th

Library comics, 3 volumes

Overall story rating: 4 stars

This is the 3rd comic story line that takes place after the Avatar TV show! We get a great story line involving Toph and her family, as well as more trials to try and have the different nations work together. There’s also a theme of respecting nature and what came before you and it’s great as always. I love reading more stories after the show takes place and I like that they’re fast reads 🙂

35162608. sy475 Read from January 16th-21st

E-ARC via download on Edelweiss

Sequel to The Deceivers

Rating: 4 stars

Now THIS caught me by surprise! I was curious about this sequel, since I liked the first book enough to see what would happen to the characters. This book takes SO many twists and I seriously didn’t know who to trust for a good chunk of the end. We continue to follow Brynn as she keeps trying to figure out more about how Susan Griffin died from book one and if the cruel senator really is a killer. She also wonders about her secret relationship with Caleb. While this book does have a lot of fluffy contemporary stuff with romance and teenage drama, the author really pulls the rug out from under you! The ending was fantastic and now I need to read book 3 and see how the series ends. If you liked but didn’t love the first book, give this one a try and see what you think. I was surprised at how much this blew away my expectations.

Mini ARC Review: Scammed (Vale Hall #2)

36782093. sx318 Listened from January 17-26th

Original listen: October 2017

Original rating: 3.75 stars

2020 rating: 4.5 stars!

Oh man I proved myself wrong again with the second listen of the third Diviners! I have no idea why I didn’t love this book the first time around. This book is creepy, emotional, hard hitting with its mirror to our current time and also some epic character moments. I love the Ward’s Island story line, how the ghosts make a more hard hitting point than I noticed and seeing how much some characters like Mabel and Theta change a lot! This book primarily belongs to Theta and Mabel and it’s amazing. There are some revelations that I guess I missed the first time but MAN this book punches you in the gut and I was SO ready for the final book by the time I finished.

The Diviners Series: Recap and Book 4 Theories!


Started, Not Finished

43722819. sx318 46231291. sx318 40079905. sy475

I will go ahead and say now that Teeth in the Mist ended up being a DNF. I listened to most of it during January but for personal reasons, I have DNF’d it this past week in February. While the plot was poorly balanced, lack of real revelations and boring characters, some of the satanic stuff was way too much for me. The audio book was well produced but I decided to stop listening. Then, I started my library audio book of Dark of the West for a second attempt to see if I like it. I only got about 3 hours in before the end of the month. I love both narrators and it’s interesting so we shall see what happens this month with it.

Also, I started my E-ARC of The Life Below which is the sequel to The Final Six! I only read about 20 pages on the last day of January and at the time of this post, I’m almost halfway through so watch for my blog tour review on February 19th!


38325332. sy475 45308039. sy475

I only had 2 DNFs in January which is pretty good, since I had a really bad DNF streak during the last half of 2019. I DNF’d The Unwiling after about 109 pages. I’m on the blog tour for this but I’ll just say now that I see why this is lowly rated on Goodreads. While this has potential to be good, the writing style felt like it was trying way too hard for a first attempt at fantasy and none of the characters had anything good or complexity to them for me to care about them. Then, very sadly, I DNF’d All the Stars and Teeth and I recently posted my mini review about it. This is a VERY hyped debut novel that has sea adventures, mermaids and many different types of magic. But I hated the protagonist and the plot was also poorly handled and with how much I read, not a lot had happened and the info dumps weren’t well done either so I got impatient and gave up :/


February 2020 TBR

40079905. sy475 4114393825985242419516153570224139726908. sy475

This will be another exciting month for my reading! Obviously, I started the audio book for The King of Crows on release day yesterday so I’ll finish that as soon as I can! Also, besides finishing The Life Below and Dark of the West, I have these other ARCs to read! The Empire of Dreams is the newest book in the Girl of Fire and Thorns series but takes place years later and follows another character. I’m VERY intrigued by this 4th book, since I read the trilogy 3 years ago. Then, Maya and the Rising Dark is an upcoming middle grade book that I hope to like since I’m still trying to find some middle grade favorites. While it doesn’t come out until May, I would rather stay ahead of ARCs if I can help it. Then finally, there’s Rebelwing and The Shadows Between Us that come out this month! I hope to read these as quickly as possible to review them right before they come out on the 25th!

There we have it! What are your plans for February? How was your reading in January?  Have you read any of these? Let me know in the comments!