Happy Friday everyone and what a happy Friday indeed! The new music video/single for the new Nightwish album is finally here! It’s been 5 long years since their last album “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” and of course, I have to talk about the new single! The new single “Noise” is from their upcoming album “Human. :II: Nature” which drops April 10th. If you’ve me for a while now, you’ll now that I LOVE Nightwish with my whole heart!

Nightwish is a metal band from Finland and they’ve been around since 1997 with their first album “Angels Fall First.” I’ve loved their music 2004 and think they’re brilliant! This is the second full album with their third singer Floor Jansen who is a GODDESS and the first with their new drummer Kai Hahto. This single “Noise” is clearly talking about dependency on screens and virtual/social media. The music video shows this really well with stuff like Instagram models, people falling for the new fads and always having a screen in front of their face. The video is a brilliant way to show these things of society. The music video and the song are separate videos below! If you’re curious about who Nightwish is and what they sound like, check out the song 🙂


First off, they have their signature opening metal sound which I’ve grown to love other the years. But I also love how Floor uses her voice in different ways on this song, with higher notes, staccato and conveying the fake and real emotions with the message being portrayed. This song is a bit different from their normal stuff, but I think it’s so timely with how obsessed society is with social media and vying for attention. The keyboard player Tuomas, who writes 90% of all the lyrics and all the music for the band has a clear message of what he thinks of society and I like seeing this with the band. They normally have much more symphonic and theatrical lyrics with deeper meanings of course, but I like how direct they are with a current message. This shows the band growing and trying different things which is always  a good thing. (I also think it’s funny how Tumoas is the nature guy in the video). This video is just a sampler of what is to come with the new album and I COULDN’T be more excited.

(Plus the album artwork that’s on the regular song video is just amazing)

Are you guys Nightwish fans as well? If this was your first listen of them, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!