Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m here with a delayed January book haul 🙂 Most of the books I got were electronic books this month (Kindle ARCs, Kindle books, library audio books, etc.) which is totally okay. I’m really tying to have a bigger digital library since my shelves are almost too full for more physical books. Let’s jump in!


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I used my January Audible credit to pre-order The King of Crows so I was ready to listen to it on release day, which did happen! I like using Audible since my husband can also listen to my library and since my work hasn’t been ordering a ton of YA new books, it’s nice to use Audible every month. Then, I pre-ordered Night Spinner on Amazon right at the end of the month. I really enjoyed Addie Thorley’s debut novel An Affair of Poisons from last year so I had to support her and pre-order her book. (I just got my physical copy yesterday and it’s STUNNING)

Library Stuff

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I only got 2 library audio books last month! I was lucky that I could renew Dark of the West so I could keep it for longer and I’m still listening to that. Then, for personal reasons, I DNF’d Teeth in the Mist at the 91% mark. I know that’s really late in the book, but I was SO frustrated by the lack of clear answers, flat characters, some unnecessary POVs and also some stuff was too creepy to handle.


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  • Set Fire to the Gods #1 (ARC via Edelweiss): This is the first in a new series with Sara Raasch and Kristen Simmons collaborating together. It’s an elemental fantasy with gladiators! What’s not to love about that?! We follow Ash, who grew up in the harsh world of gladiators, but vows revenge on the fire god after mother dies in the ring. We also follow Madoc, who grew up on the streets but his secret is that his elemental power is something that hasn’t been seen in a long time. He doesn’t have earth power. And of course these two character’s path collide when the fire and earth god’s conflict is only settled by lavish gladiator games. This sounds seriously amazing and I can’t wait to read it really soon. It’s set to come out in August 2020.
  • Deeplight (ARC via Edelweiss): I’m one of the few people (it feels like) that hasn’t read a book by this author yet. I have a paperback of Gullstruck Island sitting on my shelves. But I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about her writing so I requested her new one to try. This one seems to be about how underwater gods died out a long time ago. But a boy finds the heart of a terrifying deity and he risks his life to keep it out of the wrong hands. This sounds so freaking cool with possibly not dead underwater gods. This is set to come out in April 2020 so very soon.
  • Rebelwing #1 (ARC via NetGalley): This has cybernetic dragons…what’s not to be excited about? This is about Prudence Wu, a girl who smuggles banned books and other media, but during a drop, gets rescued by one of these cybernetic wyverns that are forbidden. I got this later in January and I did finally get to it and sadly, I couldn’t get into it. The writing style and main character made it hard for me to keep going, but if this own voices story sounds good to you, do check out. This is coming out February 25th!
  • Forest of Souls #1 (ARC via NetGalley): THIS COVER IS GLORIOUS! I saw the cover reveal on Twitter not too long ago and I immediately raced to Goodreads to find out more. This is a new series by Lori M. Lee and it’s about a girl Sirscha whose been training for years to become the Queen’s next spy. But after her best friend Saengo is killed by shamans, she restores her friend to life! Sirscha finds out that she’s the first soulguide in living memory. This sounds like everything so I’m DYING to read this! It’s expected to come out in late June 2020!

January Owlcrate Unboxing

The January theme for the box was “Vengeance Will Be Mine” and was a great box! There are epic socks from Out of Print inspired by Crooked Kingdom, a candle inspired by Children of Blood and Bone that was made by A Court of Candles, a pocket mirror with a quote from Nevernight designed by Team Owlcrate, a map of a part of Middle Earth from The Hobbit made by In the Reads, the next Harry Potter mug inspired by the Goblet of Fire and it was made by Cara Kozik. Then, there’s the awesome enamel pin that goes with the book. The enamel pin says: “Blood to Blood, Name to Name and Bone to Bone”.  The enamel pin was designed by Forensics and Flowers. Then, of course is the Owlcrate version of Scavenge the Stars by Tara Sim! You can see the smaller picture that shows the original cover and the Owlcrate version. I love that the Owlcrate version is inspired by the thread on the girl’s jacket!

I think this box was really impressive! Owlcrate in my opinion has the most balanced, well crafted and original book boxes! Their exclusive covers really stand out, from complete cover changes like this, different color schemes and also sprayed edges. But their shipping schedule, customer service and items they put into the boxes are very well done and professional. This box was no different and it was fantastic! If you’re looking into book boxes, I recommend Owlcrate completely.

Physical Books I Bought/Sent

I only bought 2 books myself this month and I got my physical ARC that I had claimed from BookishFirst. I got the January Owlcrate Version of Scavenge the Stars (pictures above for the items in the box), then pre-ordered a signed copy of This Vicious Cure by Emily Suvada from Powell’s Books (my favorite used bookstore). I love that Powell’s lets you ordered signed copies online and since I’m not local to that store, I was more than happy to support the author. I LOVE the This Mortal Coil trilogy so I can’t wait to see how the series ends. And, last but not least, is my physical ARC of The Vanishing Deep which I did a Five Reasons to Read The Vanishing Deep review you can read. I loved the book so much!


There’s my haul for January! What did you get last month? Did you get any of these? Let me know in the comments!