Here’s my next TBR highs and lows! I decided to go through my large Goodreads TBR and I purged a good amount of books. From losing interest, low overall ratings and things I’ve heard the authors were the deciding factors for my lows. And my highs really bring some fun and exciting titles that keeps promising such good things for this year ūüôā



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No longer interested in:¬†Blood and Sand, The Glass Spare, Little White Lies, Onyx and Ivory, This Time Will Be Different and¬†Symptoms of a Heartbreak.¬†There’s SO many YA books that are out there and will keep coming out. All of these ones are books that I’ve heard negative reviews on from people I trust and just personal preferences. Books like Pride¬†and¬†Not If I Save You First are honestly books I don’t have any interest in due to the genre. I’m not really into Pride and Prejuidce anyway, so I don’t feel like I need to read a retelling of it. And I don’t really care about a girl protecting some president’s son in Not If I Save You First.

Burned once: These books are by authors I’ve read before, but I didn’t like the other books I read by them so much that I have no interest in continuing. There is one small exception with Brigid Kemmerer, since I will give¬†A Curse So Dark and Lonely¬†a try, since it’s a fantasy than a contemporary. But after not liking Call It What You Want, I have no interest in her contemporary books. I also don’t any interest in¬†Afterimage,¬†since her first book I read was¬†Refraction¬†and it was terrible to be honest.

Author:¬†I am sad to say that I won’t read any more books by Zoraida Cordova. I was excited for¬†Incendiary¬†when it was announced a few years ago. But this author has not been nice talking about bloggers. There was a fight on Twitter with bloggers being accused of selling ARCs on Ebay and that all bloggers did it. Authors like her were ones to not defend bloggers and be rudely sarcastic about it. That kind of attitude is something I personally don’t like, so this is a personal stand. It could be a good book, but I don’t want to support authors who have this kind of attitude.



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  • Tweet Cute: This book has gotten such praise that I can’t help but become interested. It’s like a You’ve Got Mail type story but it’s mostly a tweet war¬† between a girl and boy who run the social media of their family’s restaurants. Luckily, my library has the audio book so I hope that it’s another contemporary that I like.
  • Deeplight:¬†I have heard Hardinge’s books for years; they’ve won awards and many people I follow in the book community adore her writing. I even have¬†Gullstruck Island¬†on my shelves but haven’t gotten to it yet. This one is about underwater gods that had supposedly died out, but a guy finds the heart of a terrifying deity and he has to keep it safe. Her writing has also been compared to Laini Tyalor, so sign me up.
  • Mexican Gothic:¬†This author has been really been exploding on social media when¬†Gods of Jade and Shadow came out last summer. I knew about her Mexican vampire story but this one also sounds amazing! This one sounds like it could possibly give off Guillermo del Torro vibes and I HOPE SO! I just know that it’s like the title says: a Mexican Gothic novel. I’m ready!
  • Poisoned:¬†This is Jennifer Donnelly’s next book after¬†Stepsister,¬†which I really enjoyed! It’s cool that she’s trying another fairy tale with Poisoned.¬†But I am slightly hesitant about it, since Snow White has A LOT of YA books based on it so I hope brings a new and compelling version of the fairy tale. With how refreshing¬†Stepsister¬†was, I’m trying to be confident that she’ll do the same thing with this new book.
  • The Princess Will Save You #1:¬†I saw this cover on Twitter not too long ago and then on NetGalley and Charlie Bowater is my favorite YA cover artist working today! This is a new series by the same author as¬†Sea Witch and Throw Like A Girl.¬†It sounds like it’s very inspired by¬†The Princess Bride,¬†so naturally, it went on my TBR faster than I could blink.
  • The Last Wish:¬†While I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes of the Witcher show, I’m really interested to see what this series is all about. My library has started buying more books in the series so I’m excited to see the original source material.
  • A Golden Fury:¬†This is another debut novel set to come out in fall and you guys can probably tell if you’ve followed me for a while that historical fantasy is probably my favorite genre to read besides epic fantasy. This is about a female alchemist who finds out that the Philosopher’s Stone is cursed and her parents don’t. As the French Revolution looms over them, she’s sent to Oxford for her safety. That’s all I need to know: historical fantasy with alchemy! Yes please!
  • The Jewel Thief: While the cover isn’t amazing, I’ll take any YA historical books set in Paris and could also be a fantasy. Plus it sounds fun that a jewel heist is a major plot point! It also sounds like this is the author’s first YA novel so we shall see.
  • Shielded #1:¬†I actually met this author not too long ago at a book event and I loved meeting her! This is another debut to come out in July and the blurbs I’ve been seeing is that this book for fans of¬†Sorcery of Thorns!¬†SAY NO MORE lol. I’m currently reading it right now and it’s really fun!
  • In the Shadow of the Sun #1:¬†I actually saw this book at Barnes and Noble while wandering in the YA section and the cover and title caught my eye. Then I read the synopsis and I had that special moment where you read a book’s synopsis while at the bookstore or library and you just know that it could be a potential favorite. This is another YA Paris book, set in 1661 and is about a girl exiled to France and becomes married to the king’s younger brother. But people in court start to turn up dead and the protagonist sets out to find who what evil magic is lurking in Paris. I’ll just take almost any Paris YA book, especially historical fantasy ūüôā give me all of them!

What did you add or delete from your TBR? Have you added or read any of these? Let me know in the comments!