Happy Friday everyone! February is just about over and another month is coming. Today I wanted to post my book haul for the month since I don’t think I’ll get anything else and I’ve been pretty good this month at getting too grabby hands with books ūüôā I decided to try a new thing for audio books as well. Some audio books I want to get to have LONG waiting lists on my library Overdrive app but the physical audio discs are really easy to get. So I’m uploading the discs to my computer and then my phone to read them faster. (Sure beats the waiting time) Most of my haul is library stuff so let’s get into it!


Audible Audio Books

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I used my actual credit for Audible to get¬†The Rage of Dragons,¬†which I’m SO EXCITED about! This is a highly praised debut adult fantasy book that I’ve seen on a few booktube channels. This is an African fantasy with dragons…what’s not to love?! I know that it’s a story of anger, dragons, forgiveness and epic adventure. It was originally self published but then got picked up by Orbit for a 4 book deal. I plan on getting to this one really soon. Then, I just got the audio book for¬†The Traitor Queen¬†on release day yesterday! This is the sequel and conclusion to¬†The Bridge Kingdom¬†duology and I’m already a couple hours in. This is a adult fantasy romance with the enemies to lovers trope and I really enjoyed the first one and I NEED to know how the series ends.


Library Stuff

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  • One of Us Is Lying #1:¬†This is a really popular YA mystery book that was a big bestseller when it debuted a couple years ago. It’s about a group of kids that go into detention but one of them turns up dead. I figured giving a mystery book a try sounded like a good way to go outside my comfort zone. Plus, a couple narrators are ones I’m familiar with so we’ll see what I think of this one.
  • Illuminae #1:¬†Ok, this second attempt at this audio book is my LAST shot with this series. I read the print copy right after it came out years ago but never finished. Some of the narrators in this audio book also did¬†Aurora Rising¬†so I really hope to get into this series finally. I feel there is potential here but I’m still not 100% sure about the mixed media format.
  • These Broken Stars #1:¬†After loving both¬†Unearthed and Aurora Rising,¬†it’s clear that Amie Kaufman is a pretty much an auto read author for me. This is her first series with Meagan Spooner and this is the first in a sci-fi romance trilogy. I know each book follow different characters and this first book is about a guy and a girl who are stranded on a distant planet after the space ship they’re on crashes. Fingers crossed on this one.
  • We Rule the Night:¬†A friend of mine gifted me the ARC of this book after it was released last year but I still haven’t gotten to it yet. I figured that getting the audio book is the best option for me since I’m still working through my ARC pile. Many of my blogger friends loved this standalone book last year so I’m excited for it. It’s about two girls who become co-pilots and use forbidden magic in a war. It sounds like a mash of historical fiction setting, sci-fi and fantasy and I’m here for it.
  • Code Name Verity:¬†This is a highly acclaimed YA historical fiction book that came out back in 2012 and since I love the genre, this is one I need to try. It’s about a girl who is a WWII pilot and is taken captive by the Germans after her plane crashes in their territory. I’ve heard it’s heartbreaking and full of sisterhood and female friendships.
  • Heart of Thorns #1:¬†I still have my Fairyloot version of this book and I’m going back and forth between that physical copy and the audio book I have from my library. This is a debut YA fantasy novel about a girl who realizes that she is a Gwyrach: a woman who can manipulate flesh, breath and blood. The narrator also narrated¬†Serious Moonlight¬†by Jenn Bennett and I liked her narration a lot.
  • All Systems Red #1:¬†I finally got this audio book! This the first Murderbot novella and I’m very excited for this. This is just over 3 hours on audio and I want to love this series so much. There’s 4 novellas and the full length new novel is coming out really soon so now is the perfect time to start this series.
  • Descender Volume 1: Tin Stars:¬†My boss at the library that I work at loves graphic novels and she recently bought the whole collection of Descender and she recommended it to me. I’ve been wanting to try a few more graphic novels since I don’t read them often. This is about a robot boy TIM-21 and his robot dog Bandit who are now outlawed robots in the far future. I don’t know much about it but I hope that will be my advantage going into it.


Books I Bought/Received

This section is really small and I’m pretty proud of myself. I only bought 2 of these books, which were¬†Night Spinner¬†and¬†In the Shadow of the Sun¬†and I received a finished copy of¬†The Life Below¬†for the FFBC bookstagram tour. I also received an ARC of¬†Scarlet Odyssey from a publicist I work with and this comes out July 1st from 47 North which is an Amazon Publisher.

  • Night Spinner #1¬†(pre-order): My pre-order of this beautiful finished copy came on release day (February 11th) and I love it so much! I really enjoyed her debut novel¬†An Affair of Poisons last year so I was highly anticipated this next book by her. This is the first in a duology and it’s a loose retelling of¬†The Hunchback of Notre Dame.¬†We follow Enebish, who was once a fierce and feared warrior due to not only her fighting skills but also her Night Spinner ability, which means she can control threads of darkness. I’ve heard such amazing things from other blogger friends that have read it and I’m glad they’ve been discovering this author. This book needs to be read sooner than later.
  • In the Shadow of the Sun #1:¬†I saw this book at Barnes & Noble on the shelves about a week before it officially came out. But the title caught my eye and then I fell in love with the cover and read the synopsis. This is another YA historical fantasy set in Paris! This time, the book is set in 1661 and we follow Henriette who is exiled to Paris from England and enters into an arranged marriage with the French king’s younger brother. But magicians in court are being killed off by a sorcerer who uses forbidden magic and she realizes that she needs to use her own enchantment magic to track down the killer. This is a traditionally published deubt and I’m so stoked for this. I’ve loved so many of the YA books set in Paris and I’ve also heard no one I know review this so I hope it’s another favorite. I believe this is also the first in a duology.
  • The Life Below (Final Six #2):¬†This is the finished copy I was sent by the publisher to be apart of the FFBC bookstagram tour and my picture is posted on my Instagram page theabhorsenerads. This is the sequel to¬†The Final Six¬†which I read and listened to last year and liked well enough but didn’t love. But I still planned on reading the sequel and see what happened. I will say that parts were fast paced and thrilling and the parts of the Final Six on the spacecraft was really cool. The author really did do her research on what it could be like to be on a space mission. I still also like Leo and Naomi’s romance, but the ending was so rushed and if this is only a duology, then I don’t think that the plot was balanced enough to feel satisfied. But I still liked it in the end and love the covers for this series.
  • Scarlet Odyssey:¬†This was an unexpected package in the mail a couple weeks ago from a publicist I work with but it sounds cool. This is an #ownvoices, upcoming adult fantasy novel based on African folklore. In this world, men do not seek out to be mystics, but warriors instead. Our main protagonist Salo seeks to be a mystic instead of what his culture thinks he should become and he’s worked on a magical device to awaken his dormant powers. Then, the queen has Salo go on a quest to gather information on a threat to their tribe; by doing so, she will consider letting him pursue his dream of being a mystic. This sounds like an epic fantasy quest and I hope to enjoy it. I haven’t read very many African inspired fantasy books but fingers crossed on this one!

That’s my haul for this month! What did you get in February? Did you get any of these books? Let me know in the comments!