Happy Friday everyone! I hope your month has been great so far! I’m starting to go back to work since everything went down and it’s great to get part of my routine back. I hope things still go well with things opening again so we can slowly get back to normal. But as far as reading, I didn’t do too bad in April. I read my average amount of books, but as far as enjoyment, I had some disappointments which were surprises since I thought I would like those books. And luckily I only had 1 DNF which is really good for me lol. Let’s jump in!

Total Books Completed: 6

ARCs: 2

Audio Books: 3

Physical/Ebooks: 2

Re-reads: 1

DNFs: 1


52386214. sx318 sy475 Read from March 25th-April 3rd

ARC via NetGalley

3.75 stars

When I started this book in late March, I was still going stir crazy with being home more, fits of boredom and phantom tremors from an earthquake. So I figured that a new Jenn Bennett book was in order. Even though the date for this book has changed to November from originally set for May, this was another fun contemporary book with a nice romance. I really liked Lucky as the love interest with his complicated past and feelings. Plus the setting of the small East Coast town was perfect and I loved it. While the pacing wasn’t great and it’s not a few favorite from Bennett, I still liked it and it’s worth waiting for.

Mini ARC Review: Chasing Lucky

49230432. sx318 sy475 Listened from March 30th-April 6th

Audible Audio book, second listen

4.5 stars

I did move my rating up a bit from a 4 to a 4.5 the second time around. I just love this romantic, sexy and well written contemporary book about two people who realize that they like each other. The mystery book references are really fun, the Seattle setting comforting and transporting and Daniel is SUCH a treasure! He’s one of the best love interests I’ve seen in YA books in a long while. We follow Birdie, a girl whose strict grandmother passed away and now she can start her first job and learns about love, having friends and confronting her fear of being attached to people. If you’re wanting to read a Jenn Bennett book, read this one. I’ll keep coming to this book as the years go by 🙂

32457787Listened from April 13th-16th

Library audio book

5 stars

I still love this book so freaking much! After liking but not loving the first book, this second book blows the first and third books out of the water. This book follows Hanna and Nik as they try to figure out what’s going on the Heimdall station after things quickly go to crap. This sequel was intense, funny, made me squeamish (ewww space worms) and completely enthralled. I squeezed in ever chance I could to devour this book. If I do visit this series again, I’ll always look forward to this one.

52198362. sx318 sy475 Read from April 8th-17th

Library eBook

3 stars

This cover is so gorgeous, but this was a disappointment! This book has such a cool idea with having a magical inn in the Rocky Mountains being the neutral ground for other portal worlds to come together and be at peace. But Maddie’s uncle, the inn’s owner is attacked and she has to take over the inn and also try to find out why the sealed door the mysterious Solaria is open again. I really enjoyed the beginning with getting to know about the other portal worlds, the mystery of the attacker and wondering more about the mysterious Solarians. But the plot was way too unbalanced and this felt like a 400 page, dragged out book instead of a 320 page book. Maddie is a forgettable heroine who has a completely unnecessary love triangle. Plus she is able to leave the inn whenever she wants which I couldn’t believe. Plus, nothing really happens with the mystery until the last quarter of the book and I saw a twist coming a long ways away. I will read the sequel to see what happens with Solaria, but this wasn’t what I expected. If this still sounds like something you want to read, I suggest getting it from the library if you’re able to.

Mini Book Review: Havenfall #1

38907056Listened from April 20th-29th

Library audio book

3 stars

This was another disappointment, but more of a bigger disappointment! I loved Gemina so much that I had hope that this conclusion would be almost as satisfying. But that wasn’t the case. Now that I think about it, this series should’ve been 4 books instead of a trilogy since the third book had a lot unpack before the end. We get two additional protagonists, Asha Grant (Kady’s cousin) and Rhys Lindstrom (a BeiTech employee) who are stuck on Kerenza 4. We follow the people on Kerenza that are still alive and trying to fight back against the BeiTech invaders and we try to see how this all ends. Despite this last book being over 500 pages, not a lot happens until the last few hours. We spend so much time talking, repeating information, lots and lots of camera commentary…it was a slog. Then, when we get to real action, it’s very rushed. The ending was okay for me personally. I have the pet peeve that happens in YA and it happened in here, so that’s all that I will say. I prefer the duo’s Aurora Rising series to this one but I’m glad that I completed it. My full series *with spoilers* is linked below if you want to hear more about why this book didn’t live up to my hopes.

I Finally Completed The Illuminae Files: Full Series Review

50201740. sx318 sy475 Read from April 25th-30th

ARC via NetGalley

5 stars

This was a wonderful reading experience that taught me a bit of history and transported me back to the American Revolution period. We follow Frannie Tasker, a ship wreck diver from Grand Bahama Island, who assumes the identity of Emmeline Coates and goes to America. She’ll become a rebel spy for Washington, agent 355. This 355 agent was a real lady whose true identity is unknown today but the author gives a great “what if” story with Frannie. I was engrossed every time I went back to this book and the author did an amazing job. If you love historical fiction, please check this out when it comes out next month!

Glowing ARC Review: Rebel Spy



40571151. sy475 DNF @ 10%

I really excited for this book, since I think this author has some great ideas and I’ve enjoyed 2 other books by her. Monster racing in the desert? It sounds awesome but….it bored me and never pulled me in. I usually give a book much longer before I decide to DNF it, but once I started it, our middle aged protagonist read like a teenager. Her anger always too dramatic and the dialogue felt pretty weak compared to what I normally see in adult fantasy books. While the world and concept of these monsters that people ride did seem intriguing, the protagonist didn’t act her age and the dialogue was cheesy. I could possibly come back to this later, since my quarantine didn’t inspire my reading mood, but who knows. But this was a major miss which is a bummer.


Started, Didn’t Finish

52894698. sx318 sy475 Read approximately 150 pages in April

I got a good chunk into this in April but didn’t finish it. I got too wrapped up in Rebel Spy instead of making more progress on this book. But I am enjoying this so far and should finish by the end of this week. This is one I have high expectations and wit the 150 pages I had read, it was a 5 star read. But we shall see if that 5 star thought stays when I finish!

What did you read in April? Did you read any of these? What was your favorite book of the month? Let me know in the comments!