Happy Wednesday everyone! Have you ever thought about giving a book another try? For some reason, you either think you didn’t give a good enough shot the first time, or that you think you might take some time away from it and might like it better in the future? Recently, I was looking at my shelves and noticed a few books that I have read but didn’t love the first time. But seeing them again made me want to try them again, either because I didn’t like the original format I had read of it (audio book, ebook, etc.) or that I was in a weird reading mood at the time I had first read it and felt like that mood negatively affected my experience. So here are 5 books I want to try again (with a couple honorable mentions)!

1. The Hearts We Sold

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I love this author’s work! I’ve gone through The Bone Houses twice since last July and it’s one of my all time favorite books. This book is the first one I read by her, but I only gave it a 3.5-3.75 stars. At the time I was reading it, I think I just had super high expectations due to some reviews I had read and the synopsis. I do tend to get in weird reading moods when I’m kinda slumpy, distracted or read too many reviews before starting a book. But since I love this author, I want to give this book a fair try. I know what what happens, but I want to enjoy the experience the second time around. This has major potential to be another favorite like her other book 🙂

2. Contagion #1

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I want to try this book again because I didn’t like the narrator of this book and it honestly affected my rating. I listened to this last August, so not even a year ago, but I think the audio book was not a good way to consume this book. This is a YA sci-fi horror and the first in a duology. I own both hardcovers of these books. While I liked how the author handled tension and the barrenness of the planet that the characters are on, I know there’s more to like. I also saw this author on a recent panel with Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff and Erin Bowman is such a cool person! She talked about how she crafted this horror series and seeing her talk about it has motivated me to give this another try 🙂

3. There Will Come A Darkness #1

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When I read this on NetGalley before its release last year, this book was complicated. I loved the atmosphere of the world and the concept of how any of the POV characters could be this missing prophet. The author has a really cool idea set up and the ending was really good, but most of it felt lost on me. I didn’t care for half of the characters, but this book has kinda stuck with me. When the cover and synopsis of the sequel was announced earlier this year, I immediately thought about trying this again. I think this series has real potential, so I want to get it from the library and try it again to see if I like it more.

4. The Glass Sentence #1


I have realized now that I never did a full review on here for this book! (crap) But I listened to this last February through March, so a year is a long time. I’ll admit that most of this book flew over my head with the audio book version. While the narrator was fine, I think this story was too big to just listen to. This book is about how in 1709, all the worlds continents were thrown into different time periods and our protagonist is trying to find out what happened to her explorer parents and her uncle has been kidnapped. The concept of how continents are in different time periods is fascinating, but no matter how many times I listened to the ending, I never fully understood what happened. So I want to physically read this book again and try to understand this massive story.

5. Alex Approximately

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This was my first book by this author and it nearly killed my motivation to try her books after this one. I read this before I started my blog and I just really hated the protagonist and the miscommunication that kept happening. But now I have read 4 books by her and she is a talented writer. I love both Serious Moonlight and The Lady Rogue. She is an auto read author for me as far as her YA books. So now that I’ve had a few years away from this book, I want to try it again. I want to see how my thoughts have changed and also see if I like this better. This book is a favorite among fans of her work so we’ll see if I like this more on re-read.

Honorable Mentions

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  • The Dire King (Jackaby #4): I love this series but I didn’t like this finale when I first read it. It felt too rushed in parts, not intense in other parts and the ending felt cheap with something big that happened. But now that a couple years has passed, I want to try this series again. I love the first and third books so much that I hope a re-read can give me a more honest look at the finale.
  • Goldenhand (Old Kingdom #5): I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with me sometimes, but I feel like this book was read at the wrong time. I had pre-ordered this book and was highly waiting for it to show up. But I overall didn’t love it when I first read it. Even my memory of reading this isn’t really there anymore. I liked parts of it, but now I want to try it again! I love this series so much and I hope that when I come back to it, I can read it with a better mood.

What are some books you want to try again? Do you want to try any of these books again? Let me know in the comments!