Happy Monday everyone! I’m finally bringing my May and June book haul. I forgot to post my May book haul in early June, so I figured I would just combine the last two months together. It’s also funny how much BIGGER my ARC pile. (Help me lol) But May and June were great months as far as stuff I got so let’s jump in!

Audible Audio Books

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May and June were interesting months as far as getting my monthly Audible books. I switched out a few books that I didn’t like such as The Paper Girls of Paris and then deciding that I would rather read physical or eBook copies of The Silence of Bones and Thorn. So with having two credits, I ended up getting The Way of Kings and Love From A To Z. It’s actually been 6 years since I first listened to the first Stormlight book so I’m due for a re-listen with Rhythm of War coming out in November. Then I wanted to get a hyped contemporary romance and I picked Love from A to Z, after hearing glowing reviews of it. This contemporary follows two characters who to go to Qatar and end up falling in love. I need a good romantic contemporary so I’m stoked for this one.

Library Stuff

I only got 2 items from the library this month and they are both by Black authors. I work with a Black woman who told me about her experiences with the recent protests and how she’s also educating herself. She recommended Open Season, since it’s about racism in the justice system. The author is a lawyer and she told me it’s a hard read. But I’m very interested in learning about many Black experiences. Then, I got Jason Reynolds’s middle grade book Look Both Ways. It’s about different kids as they walk home from school and it sounds cute and fun!

Books I Bought Myself

I first bought Rebel Spy and Sisters of Sword and Song together! Rebel Spy tells the story of Frannie, a girl from Grand Bahama Island who assumes an American girl’s identity and she’ll end up becoming a spy for Washington during the American Revolution. This book is based on the story of agent 355, an unknown lady spy whose real identity is unknown. But it’s one of the BEST books I’ve read this year and I had to own a physical copy after reading an e-copy from NetGalley earlier this year. Then with Sisters of Sword and Song, I’ve heard great things about this author and honestly, the cover and the fact that’s it’s a Greek inspired fantasy world convinced me to get it. I know it’s a fantasy story about sisters and that’s all I need to know. Then, I had pre-ordered a finished copy of Goddess in the Machine from an independent book store near me. My copy came this month but I’m counting it here since the book didn’t come out until the 30th of June. But I’m so happy to have all 3 of these books on my shelves!

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Then, with eBooks, I purchased Kingdom of Souls! This book is one of many books by Black authors that was being recommended on Twitter. I’ve known about this book for a long time but after reading a sample of the book, I was so impressed with the writing that I now have it on my Kindle. While my mood is strained a bit with all that’s going on in the world, I know this book is dark and I’m waiting for my mood to swing more positive before I’m in the right head space for it. But I’m still so stoked for this book 🙂


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  • The Other Side of the Sky #1 by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner (Edelweiss): I HAVE IT YOU GUYS!! I love this writing duo so much and they’re individual/other co-authored books, so when I saw this on Edelweiss, I immediately requested it. This is the first book in their new duology and follows a girl goddess who can’t be touched and a boy who lives in the sky and it’s supposed to be a star crossed love story. I’m currently trying to get through this book despite a reading slump so my goal is finish this before the halfway mark of this month.
  • Crownchasers #1 by Rebecca Coffindaffer (Edelweiss): This is a debut YA sci-fi book coming out in the fall! When I saw that this was for fans of the Renegades series and Aurora Rising, I had to get it. This follows a girl whose uncle rules the galaxy and she doesn’t want her family legacy of the throne. But her uncle’s dying wish is to issue a crown chase, where there’s a huge competition for the crown instead of crowing the protagonist as the next ruler. I’m excited for a sci-fi adventure with a competition 🙂
  • Winter, White and Wicked by Shannon Dittemore (Edelweiss): This doesn’t come out until October, but when I read the synopsis about a girl who travels in her truck with an ice spirit in a wintery world, I had to request it. This is coming out from Amulet books, who publishes Cat Winters, Destiny Soria, A.G. Howard and F.C. Yee. A wintery fantasy world with truckers sounds cool!
  • The Truth Project by Dante Medema (Edelweiss): I’ve already read this in one day and did a glowing review that you can read here. But this is about a girl whose senior project of taking a DNA test and writing poetry based on her result ends revealing that she’s the product of an affair. It’s this truth of having a different father that causes her to confront the different truths that come in life. It’s heartbreaking, messy but beautiful and one that people NEED to read! It’s expected to release in October as well.
  • Chasing Starlight by Teri Bailey Black (NetGalley): This was in the “Read Now” section on NetGalley back in May, but I’m not sure if it is now but when I saw it, I immediately got it. I did enjoy the author’s debut novel Girl at the Grave from 2 years ago. This is a historical fiction set during the 1938 Hollywood. Kate moves to Hollywood to live with her uncle who was is an old film star. But when she gets there, she walks into a murder scene and she has to figure out the clues. I think this is cool that it’s set during old Hollywood so I’m stoked for it. My plan is to read it at the end this month so fingers crossed!
  • White Fox by Sara Faring (NetGalley): I was able to download this book, since there was a NetGalley email sent out that the first 100 members could download this book without requesting it. I’ve done ARCs like this before. Now, I was unable to get into the author’s debut The Tenth Girl and it is highly polarizing. But since this book is told in mixed media and deals with a haunted film script and family secrets, I decided to give it a try. The cover is awesome but while I’m hesitant about this, we shall see with this one.

What books did you get in May and June? Did you get any of these? Are you excited for any of these?