Happy Monday everyone! If you celebrated the American Independence Day on July 4th I hope you had great time! While this post is a bit late, it’s time to do a check in on how I did with the new releases. I started doing this last year and this check in was really eye opening to see what I actually got to as far as reading new stuff. For this first round for 2020, I did really well! I’m happy to see how well I did for the first round and the ones I didn’t get to here are still on my TBR for sure!



1. Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibañez (Expected date: January 7th)

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♦Still on TBR♦

This Bolivian inspired fantasy is still on my TBR. I was waiting to see if the library districts I live in would purchase copies, since I’m trying much harder to get books through the library, but that hasn’t happened since it came out in January. But I do plan on getting the eBook soon and finally dive into this. I’ve heard fantastic things and the cover for the sequel is JUST as stunning as this one 🙂


2. The Iron Will of Genie Lo (Epic Crush of Genie Lo #2) (Expected release date: January 21st)

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♥Read, 3.5 stars♥

While this was fun, this ultimately a disappointing sequel to The Epic Crush of Genie Lo which I read last year. This sequel just felt like a lot of the same stuff recycled: Genie always being pissed, not witnessing action scenes and also never really facing the romance that’s trying to bloom between Genie and Quentin.  While there were some good challenges that Genie faced and the author does have comedic charm, I did wish for more honestly. I’m sad this was only a duology but it despite not loving it as much as the first, I’m glad I finished the series.

3. This Vicious Cure (This Mortal Coil #3) (Expected Release Date: January 21st)

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♦Still on TBR♦

Yeah…this one is a major oops. I pre-ordered this book from a favorite bookstore to support both the store and the author. But I still haven’t read this yet. The main reason is because I need to read the first 2 books again. This trilogy is a harder YA sci-fi with a lot of science, action and twists. It’s been a couple years since I have read the first 2 so I need that re-read still. It’s gonna happen, just not yet…

4. Seven Deadly Shadows (Expected release date: January 28th)

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♥Read, 4.5 stars♥

This is such a great book guys! I read it late last year but I still think about it from time to time. We follow a girl whose family shrine is destroyed by yokai demons. After this happens, she goes on a path to recruit seven shinigami for revenge. This was so immersive and fun! Japan is such a realized setting in this book and it’s a great YA book that reads like a great anime. More people need to read this if they like anime!


1. All the Stars and Teeth #1 (Expected release date: February 4th)

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⊗DNF @ 58%⊗

Yeah….this was a hard pass for me after reading just over half. The plot of a girl trying to master soul magic, mermaids and sea adventures sounds great right? While the world was cool and unique with different types of magic, I really didn’t like the main character. She was terrible to guy who was nice to her and the “love triangle” seemed really weak. Plus I never felt like the plot took off by the 58% mark, so after not liking the protagonist and growing boredom, I gave up.

2. The King of Crows (Diviners #4) (Expected release date: February 4th)


♥Read, 4 stars♥

This series is done! I discovered the first book back in late 2015 and this series remains a favorite. It’s creepy, fun, creative, mature and nearly perfect writing style. The audio books by January LaVoy are among the best produced audio books in the business. This book follows our group of Diviners who finally go after the King of Crows. Admittedly, this wasn’t the finale I was expecting. The pacing was long, plot a bit unbalanced and the actual bad guy wasn’t that present. Plus, a few things were way too easy for the group to accomplish. But I’ll still re-listen to this series for years to come.

3. Sensational (Spectacle #2) by Jodie Lynn Zdrok (Expected release date: February 11th)


♥Read, 4 stars♥

This was the first book I completed this year. I won an ARC of this book from a giveaway that the author herself ran. This is the final book of the Spectacle duology and I really love the first book. This second book was fun and the highlight was the character development by Nathalie and other characters around her. While the murder mystery itself needed much more polish, I still think that this was a fun series and I really hope Jodie gets more work published.

4. Night Spinner #1 by Addie Thorley (Expected Release Date: February 11th)

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♦Still on TBR♦

I haven’t read this yet and this is a crime! I really liked the author’s debut novel An Affair of Poisons, but I was beyond excited for this new duology by her. I have it on my shelves and I WILL read it this year dang it!

5. Rebelwing #1 by Andrea Tang (Expected Release Date: February 25th)


⊗DNF @ 15%⊗

I read this not long before it came out, but this was hard to follow. The narrative kept jumping around and it was very jarring. Plus the protagonist sounded too much like Genie Lo from the series of the same name by F.C. Yee. I was excited about this book since it has mechanical dragons, but due to the confusing prose, I couldn’t get far into it…

6. Twisted Fates (Dark Stars #2) (Expected Release Date: February 25th)


♥Listened to, 3.5 stars♥

While I had initially given this sequel 4 stars after finishing it, I think that a 3.5 is a better rating to give now that some time has passed. I thought the first book Stolen Time was different and fun, but this sequel didn’t live up to the first one. Some of the time travel fun was gone and the double narrative was a bit hard to remember. But the ending was the best part and I’m really curious of how the trilogy will end.


1. The Vanishing Deep by Astrid Scholte (Expected Release Date: March 3rd)

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♥Read, 5 stars♥

I got an ARC of this book from BookishFirst and I was able to meet the author at a book event right before COVID-19 made places temporarily shut down. But this book follows Tempest whose trying to resurrect her sister to find out what happened to their parents. It’s such a creative world and a beautiful story of sisters. It’s one of the best books of the year for me so far 🙂

2. Harley in the Sky by Akemi Dawn Bowman (Expected Release Date: March 10th)

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♦Still on TBR♦

This is another book that is painfully still on my TBR. I hear such amazing things about this author and her works. Luckily my library does have copies of this! Due to not having any restraint of requesting ARCs is the only excuse I have of not getting to this book yet but I really want to!


Number of books: 12

Number of books read (no DNFs): 6/12 or 50%

Number of books DNF’d: 2/12 or 16% (much lower)

Number of books removed from TBR: 0

Number of books still on TBR: 4/12 or 33%


So I did much better this for this first check in compared to last year. I didn’t remove any from my TBR and I only have 4 books that I haven’t gotten to yet. I really hope to keep this more positive streak for the rest of the year so we shall see!