Happy Friday everyone! I apologize for not being around a lot lately; my motivation to do certain hobbies and stay on top of blogging hasn’t been there was much as I want. But I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. So today I’m giving my final 2020 anticipated releases list! I thought I had included July in my last compilation but I guess not. So while some of these might be already out in July, they’re still on my list 🙂 I’m also slightly changing the way I do this: I’m including my thoughts and why I’m excited about the book. I’m assuming that many of you know about these books already, but I will include the Goodreads link to each book in case you want to know more 🙂


August 2020


51179882. sx318 sy475 New Release Date: August 4th from Wednesday Books

This was originally supposed to come out in June, but got pushed back due to the virus. Originally, this wasn’t on my radar since I hadn’t heard many people talking about it. But I saw the author on a virtual panel that I attended and the way she talked about her book got me really excited. Then, some great reviewers that I trust read and loved this! So naturally, seeing people whose opinions I trust love this, it’s on my radar now. This is the first in series too which shall be fun. I know that there’s werewolves in here and it’s own voices for the Argentinian folklore and representation. Bring on the YA paranormal books 😀



52781202. sx318 sy475 Release Date: August 11th from HarperTeen

Another Charlie Bowater cover! 😀 (And this cover also gives me Roshani Chokshi vibes as well) This book centers around a girl whose the daughter of both a star and a mortal and she goes on a quest to heal her mortal father. I’ve heard that the writing and world building resemble Laini Taylor and I’m SO here for that! Plus I love the idea of a girl going on a quest to save one of their parents. This sounds like a fantastic debut and I’m stoked that it comes out really soon!



46223352Release Date: August 25th from Roaring Books Press

This YA contemporary centers around a girl who has a really famous grandmother and the protagonist is poised to be a star as well until she’s blacklisted. And her grandmother has been out of the spotlight for twenty years. It sounds like a story about loving your grandparent and also finding yourself. I haven’t read anything by this author but I’m really looking forward to a contemporary story centers around loving a grandparent so I’m really interested in reading this!



September 2020


49127649Release Date: September 1st from Bloomsbury YA

This is an upcoming book that retellings the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. We follow Eury, a haunted girl who lost everything in Hurricane Maria and literally being haunted by a spirit. Then we have Pheus, a golden voiced singer who wants to reach out to Eury and help make her happy. This cover is not only gorgeous but the fact that this magical realism story is about a boy who wants to help a sad girl be happy again just warms my heart. I also haven’t read anything by this author but she’s on my radar now. This books sounds like just the thing to read with all that’s going on.



40599772. sy475 Release Date: September 8th from HarperTeen

I love this author duo so much and also other books they wrote individually or co-authored with other people! Plus this book really sounds similar to a Studio Ghibli movie! We follow a goddess girl on the ground whose trying to help the people who look up to her. Then we have a boy in the sky who knows that answers to help his people are found on the ground he goes to the goddess for help and of course, a star crossed romance ensue! I did get an ARC of this book which will be read very soon! I do completely trust these two authors to give us another awesome series though! Plus there’s a big kitty companion 🙂



49397758Release Date: September 15th from Katherine Tegen Books

I’ve heard of this author for a long time, but sadly, she’s another author I haven’t read yet. But this book was immediately on my radar when a couple booktubers mentioned it. This follows Enchanted, an aspiring singer who wants to break into the music industry. A famous male R&B singer sees her audition and helps her get started. But there’s a dark side to this male singer and then one day, Enchanted wakes up with blood on her hands and no memory of what happened and this male singer is dead. All evidence points to the girl. I believe this book was inspired by the R Kelly cases and while this sounds like it will be a tough read, I have to see how this story ends. It sounds incredible and timely.



52750517Release Date: September 22nd from Imprint (Macmillan)

I have loved vampire stories since I was a kid! I read so many paranormal books in my early teen years that it’s just in my blood :p but now that I’m an adult, I have high expectations when it comes to YA vampires. Stuff like Twilight, The Beautiful and some others just don’t work for me at all. But I’m SERIOUSLY hoping this anthology gives me fresh spins and actually captivating vampires. I know that I’m excited for Rebecca Roanhorse’s story in here especially. I hope my library gets this book and it should be a great Halloween read!

43655633. sy475 Release Date: September 22nd from Kathrine Tegen Books

Wohoo! Another Garth Nix book! After not loving his previous title Angel Mage, I think the fact that this is set in an alternate 1980’s with magical booksellers makes me much more hopeful. We follow a girl is trying to find her father and when she tracks down a crime boss who might know of father’s whereabouts, he turns to dust from silver hatpin. How interesting is that? Garth Nix has been an influential author for me since I was 12 so I will always give his books a try 🙂

45044785Release Date: September 22nd from Wednesday Books

Can we just day “DUH?” LOL! I love the first book The Gilded Wolves so freaking much. I think this series is brilliant, compelling, magical and full of amazing characters! While I was sad that the date was moved to September, it is coming up sooner. Plus I have had an ARC forever that I’m finally getting to. I cannot wait to see what happens to my group of hilarious, smart and amazing characters. I do have a feeling that this sequel might hurt but I am ready for it.

45011648. sy475 Release Date: September 29th from HarperTeen

This is another YA sci-fi coming up that I’m very pumped for! This is the first in a duology (I think) and we follow a girl whose uncle, the gravely ill ruler, calls for a “crown chase” and whoever wins gets to rule the galaxy instead of him choosing her. While the protagonist hasn’t wanted the responsibility to rule, she realizes that this deadly competition might just kill her. I’ve seen some early reviews that say this science fiction adventure is a lot of fun and very compelling with great characters as well. I have an ARC that I plan to read in August so I’m ready for more sci-fi books 🙂

23106013Release Date: September 29th from ACE Books

This is the second part to Peace Talks that’s up on this list. This is the 17th Dresden book and I’m so happy we’re getting two Dresden books this year. I love this cover even more than the previous book and it sounds like things are gonna hit the fan in this installment and possible make us mad and wait longer lol.


October 2020


49562002. sy475 Release Date: October 1st from Scholastic (UK YA title)

Isn’t this cover so amazing?! This is an upcoming book that has poisoned rain, a haunted castle and a fantasy world based on the author’s Hungarian heritage. I have another book by this author A Shiver of Snow and Sky on my shelves but haven’t read it yet. But this sounds very intriguing, being based in mythology from a country that I’m not familiar with. Fingers crossed for this one!

40978033. sy475 Release Date: October 6th from Tor Teen

This is an upcoming YA book that not only has a fantastic Cat Winter’s like cover but it sounds great! This book takes place in Arkansas in 1907. We follow a girl who, along with her sister, are uprooted from New York City to rural Arkansas after her father goes mad. But there’s rumors about the well near a haunted forest and the protagonist has visions of things that might not be there. This book has been compared to Jennifer Donnelly and Libba Bray’s works so THAT alone makes me excited. To me, it also reminds me of Cat Winters’s novels as well. I WANT ALL THE PARANORMAL historical fiction 🙂

50892004Expected Release Date: October 6th from Atheneum Books for Young Readers

I saw this book on Edelweiss not too long ago and once I read the synopsis, I became super excited for this book! This has been compared to Don’t Date Rosa Santos which is a really cute YA contemporary. This book follows Lila Reynes, a teenage master of Cuban cuisine. She, along with her sister Pilar, are supposed to inherit their family’s Cuban bakery. But after her abuela dies, friends abandon her and her boyfriend dumps her, Lila ends up going to England even though she doesn’t want to. And of course, she meets an English boy and I’m sure cuteness ensues. This cover makes me feel so happy and this sounds like something I need to read right now 😀

52697938. sy475 Release Date: October 6th from Page Street Kids

I’ve been seeing a lot of hype surrounding this book. It’s being pitched as “Quidditch meets How to Train Your Dragon” and I’m frankly here for it. We follow a girl whose always preferred dragons to people and she ends up discovering a major conspiracy. This is an upcoming own voices book for the Latinx rep and this sounds like a fun and refreshing book. I want more dragon books to love so I’m all for this one!


50890802Release Date: October 13th from Simon & Schuster

This is yet another book that I saw on Edelweiss and the stunning cover made me curious. Set in the Jim Crow South, this is about a girl who comes to realize that she has the same magic that her ancestors once had and there’s a possible romance as well. I haven’t seen anyone review this yet, but I’m very interested in this book. This sounds like another great book about a Black girl finding her own magic and protecting those she loves. I’m excited for this one 🙂

50496883Release Date: October 13th from Quill Tree Books

I have already read this and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! But I’m still putting this here so you guys can add this to your TBR for when it comes out. This is a YA contemporary debut written in verse, text messages and social media messages. It tells the story of Cordelia, who takes a DNA test for her senior project and is going to use the test results to write poetry about her identity. But when she finds out that she’s the product of an affair between her mother and a different guy, her world is entirely shattered. This truth makes her confront other truths that she’s not sure if she’s ready to face. This a beautiful book with REALLY GOOD FATHER REP IN YA, friendship, great poetry, messy relationships and a great coming of age story. Don’t miss this book!


November 2020


53174679Release Date: November 3rd from Feiwel & Friends

This is gonna be Marissa Meyer’s first contemporary book! It’s about a girl who has a special talent to “cast” instant karma on other people. But there’s a cute boy that her powers don’t work on. This sounds cute and I’m very curious to see how her first genre change goes 🙂

51792728. sy475 Release Date: November 10th from Disney-Hyperion

This is a Beauty and the Beast book but takes place after the curse is lifted. Plus it has the French Revolution as a plot point, so count me in! It’s 1789 and while the curse is lifted, Belle is conflicted of being both royalty and a commoner. But then she stumbles across ancient magic with a warning and that’s all I need to know. I love the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, so the fact that we get a major historical event, this fairy tale and magic all combined together makes me very excited. I really hope this one is good!

51630215Release Date: November 17th from Delacorte Press

This is another debut with a stunning Charlie Bowater cover that you can’t deny is beautiful! This book follows a guy and a girl who are sworn to be married, but through complicated events and war, they think that their reunion might be anything but good. This is the first in a duology with a possible enemies to lovers trope and I am here for it! I also  have an ARC of this book to get to soon and fingers crossed 🙂

17250966. sy475 Release Date: November 17th from Tor

GIMME GIMME!!! The next Stormlight book is upon us soon! I love this series so much and it’s probably my favorite series by him yet. I won’t go into a synopsis about this book since it’s the 4th book in a large fantasy series. But ever since the previous book Oathbringer ended, I have no idea where this book is going to go but I am HERE for any book in this series. Sanderson has never steered me wrong 🙂 This is one of the TOP books I’m dying to get this year.


December 2020


52013133Release Date: December 1st from Penguin

THIS DATE BETTER NOT CHANGE! We have been waiting for this final book for 2 years now and I can’t wait any longer! This is such a favorite series of mine and even though the third book wasn’t my favorite, I still have faith that this series will end on a great note. Plus, Helene ISN’T on this cover and WHY is Laia holding a scythe? I have SO many questions but you can bet that I’ll pre-order this audio book and have this completed before January. Please please please be good 😀


Okay, there we have it! What other books are you looking forward to? Are these books on your list? Let me know in the comments!