Happy Thursday everyone! I’m popping in here for a couple of things: I’m not going to be on here as much for the next week or more. First, I’m writing again! After a huge creative slump with all that’s going on, I have gotten back on the writing streak. It’s all I want to do right now lol. So since I’m riding this creativity for as long as I can, and hoping I finish my project, I’m only going to post reviews for books on here that I’m trying to finish for the next little bit. Finishing this book is really important.

Also, I’m throwing out my blogging schedule. I know some of my blogger friends don’t have much of a set schedule, so I’m going to try this. For this entire year, I’ve struggled liking my schedule and sticking to it very well. I have heard that not having a set schedule can help some, so I’m going to experiment. So whether I’m going to post three days a week, or one or two days, I’m not sure yet. I also will possibly start doing some more content on here like music, video games, etc. If you want to see more stuff that isn’t just books, let me know your thoughts. But until I figure out a way that helps me with blogging, my posts may be sporadic. But most importantly, I really want to work on my book. I have my July book haul coming, as well as reviews for books like The Silvered Serpents, Chasing Starlight and maybe some graphic novels.


Stay safe and healthy everyone! I’ll be back to posting stuff next week!