Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have been having a good summer and a great week as well. Today I wanted to share 5 more books that I want to try again. I have noticed recently that either my interest in a book has resurfaced because I read a different book by the same author that I really enjoyed, or…I just feel like I was dumb when I tried these books the first time? LOL. Anyway, these are 5 books that I want to try again for various reasons. You guys seemed to like the previous post in May so if you want to see the first installment, you can click the link. These aren’t ranked either so let’s get going!

1. The Bird and the Blade

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When I was actually doing the arcs for trade on Twitter, I had gotten this book since I had heard it was beautiful and tragic and the cover was amazing. But I couldn’t get into it. But now, a couple years later, I just read her newest book Soulswift which comes out in November (you’ll see a mention of it in my wrap up, but my review won’t be out for a little bit) and I really loved her new one! Her new book has such a great world with religion/mythology that was utterly fascinating and this author isn’t afraid to pull major punches. So now, I want to read her debut novel! I don’t think I gave this book a proper chance back then, so now I want to fix that after being very impressed by her upcoming book 🙂

2. Where Dreams Descend #1


I AM NOT DONE WITH THIS BOOK GUYS! Some of you may remember that I FREAKED out when I got an ARC of this book late last year, but I ended up putting it down after 100 or so pages. I could not get into the story and also, the protagonist bugged me. But since time has passed, I’ve realized that I don’t want to give up on this book. Many other bloggers I follow really loved this and recently gave great reviews. Plus, I found out that Steve West, my favorite male narrator (he’s done Strange the Dreamer, An Ember in the Ashes, The Scorpio Races, etc.) is one of the narrators! He is such an amazing narrator and I think his swoon worthy voice will add to the audio book experience. So I will listen to the audio book to give this a second chance. I want to like this book guys! I want to love it, so I’m not done yet.

3. The Aeronaut’s Windlass #1


I am a big Jim Butcher fan, with having read all but one of the current Dresden books that are out. But I’ll admit when this came out a few years ago, it was hard for me to follow. I don’t know terms for ships and the airship battles were hard to both imagine and understand what was happening. The big highlight for me was the talking cats that were SPOT ON for how cats are lol. But with the second book coming hopefully soon, I want to try this again. I don’t know if I need to read it in physical form or do the audio book again, but Butcher is a very creative and entertaining writer so I want to see if this is another series that hits home with me. I’ll probably have to do some research to understand nautical terms and read the airship battles slowly?

4. The Star Touched Queen


I heard about this book right before it came out when I was religiously watching Booktube. This book sounded so intriguing, so I got on hold for it at my library and when it came, I was so excited to get it. But sadly, the VERY purple prose made the story confusing for me. But in the last few years, Roshani Chokshi has really become an author that I respect, look up to as an aspiring writer and I’ve read more books by her. I liked the first Aru Shah book and her Gilded Wolves series is SUCH a brilliant series that I fell in love with. So, after nearly four and a a half years since I read this, I want to give it another try. I wonder that since I’ve read it already, I might be able to understand it better? I also really love her other books so I want to see if her debut is one that I can also like after a second chance. But let’s agree though that this cover is stunning!

5. Truthwitch #1


I am officially eating my own words from a couple years back that I couldn’t stand this first book and that I didn’t like it. I think the phrase: never is a strong word is very true for me as time has gone on. Since I’ve been thinking about giving books another try lately, this is another one that comes to mind. For one, the author is such an amazing person! She’s so smart, eloquent and overall seems like a great person. Authors with a personality that really speaks to me and shows to be an authentic and nice person is something that CAN persuade me to try their work. And since the fourth book is coming out next year (I think), I want to actually read this on eBook or physical book. I listened to the audio book and I think that was a bad idea; the narrator is terrible and a narrator that I’ve listened to a few times and can’t stand. Narrators really make or break a listening experience. So, we shall see if reading it instead of listening will make me change my mind. I want to like the magic system in this series as well, since it seems to stand out and even compete with adult fantasy titles with its complexity.


What books would you give a second chance? Do you agree with these choices?