Happy September everyone! We’re FINALLY in the fall season! It’s getting cooler where I live which is so much better than the 90+ degree weather. I hope you guys had a good month in August and if you go back to school, I wish you all the health and a great school year wherever you are 🙂 August was a great month for me for a few reasons: I started Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD on the WiiU, since I never beat that game, got on a MAJOR Sailor Moon kick again (finishing the last season and also watching Sailor Moon Crystal again), dabbling back into my novel and I BEAT my normal reading average! But let’s do the reading stuff first 🙂

Total Books Completed: 9

ARCs: 3

Audio Books: 2

Library Items: 5

DNFs: 1

Started, Not Finished: 1


52379418Read from August 7-10th

Physical ARC for the Jean BookNerd blog tour

4 stars

I was excited to get to this book, since I liked the author’s debut novel Girl at the Grave a couple years ago. We follow Kate, a smart girl who goes to live with her Old Hollywood grandfather and a murder happens. It’s set in 1938 Hollywood and it was a lot of fun! Kate was a great character, with her interest in STEM and the stars but also being honest and true to herself. Her honest thoughts on the gender imbalance and toxic Hollywood atmosphere are still around today and makes her relatable and a modern type girl. I also liked how her grandfather tried to come out of his shell and the mystery was fun enough. It wasn’t an amazing mystery, with the book being a bit too long and the ending rushed, but I still liked this. If you need a murder mystery for escapism, this is a fun book 🙂

Chasing Starlight Blog Tour: Review + Giveaway!

36682049Read on August 12th

Library graphic novel

5 stars

I had to get this book, after many of my co-workers talking about how great it is so I’m glad the first one was already on the shelf. We follow a girl from a deep space mining colony, who sees that everyone has a flavor, travel to Earth with her parents. It’s a coming of age story in a future sci-fi setting and it’s SO precious! I loved the future tech, the mining colony and how it’s different from Earth and the beginning of the mystery of who this space boy actually is. I’m DYING for the next couple of volumes. I believe this is still on WebToon if you like that website and currently there are 7 physical volumes out. So freaking adorable 🙂

Graphic Novel Review: Space Boy #1

50161981. sy475 Read from July 23rd-August 12th

ARC via NetGalley

4 stars

I finally read this! This was SUCH an anticipated release since I love the first book SO SO much. This was also a little different for me since I’ve always listened to the first book and not read it, so reading the second book was a little different. I will admit that I felt like the pacing was a little slow at times and the prose didn’t make the descriptions super clear of what they were seeing or doing. Plus Severin PISSES me off! I get one reason why he’s on a path to destruction but his behavior is still toxic and Laila deserved to truly put him in his place. But luckily, we had Zofia, Enrique and Hypnos to make up for some amazing and hilarious moments in this book. I’m excited for the last book, whenever it comes out. So while I like the first book better, this series is still brilliant and bound to be an all time favorite.

Mini ARC Review: The Silvered Serpents (Spoilers for Gilded Wolves)

290755873020674231617927Read on August 15th,19th and 30th

Library single issue graphic novels

3.75 stars, 4 stars and 3.5 stars

This is the next Avatar comic story after the TV show ends and we go back to the Southern Water Tribe and the story goes from there. I still love Toph’s jokes and Sokka’s hilarious and also endearing personality. I think some of the previous story arcs were better but these are still fun. I love picking up these single issues to have something easy to read and also be back in the Avatar world for a while!

52460181Read from August 13th-18th

Physical traveling ARC for blog tour, review forthcoming

Review to come soon!

I read this in August, since I’m on the blog tour that was created by the author. There is an ARC that travels between each person on the list and I had 10 days to read it from when I got it in the mail. Once I finished it, I had to mail it off to the next person. Since my review isn’t coming out for at least a month and half or longer, I will say that I REALLY enjoyed this! The world building, romance and plot were so much fun and very original. It also had a major emotional punch to it which I really enjoyed. We followed a girl, who either had a goddess or a demon inside her and a guy who ends up reluctantly helping her thinks it’s a goddess. There are two conflicting religions and the views on this entity inside the girl are conflicting and she doesn’t know which one is inside of her. But this is such a great book about religion, questioning your beliefs while also having faith and finding yourself and the author creates a protagonist that is lost, angry, confused but also trying to hold onto any hope she has. It wasn’t a 5 star read but I still highly recommend keeping this on your radar. Stay tuned for my review! 😀

40538935. sx318 Listened from August 17-24th

Library audio book

3.5 stars

This was available on my library’s Overdrive app so I picked it up. This is a middle grade from Jason Reynolds and it has 10 stories in this short book and how they connect to each other. Each story takes place on a different street and it follows a kid who lives on that street. These kids all go to the same school and they all go through stuff like divorce, death in the family, seeking comfort and many other things. Reynolds doesn’t sugar coat anything but these kids are funny, sweet and so relatable in many ways. Some of these stories reminded me of my traits as a kid. While a couple of the stories didn’t click with me and I didn’t want to always constantly listen to it, I loved the balance of love, realism and tough subjects in this tiny book. Plus each narrator was fantastic and I liked the intro and outro piano music. A solid book with major heart!

Audio Book Review: Look Both Ways

30809786. sy475 Listened from August 6th-31st

Original Listen: June 2018

2nd Audio book listen, Audible audio book

New Rating: 5 stars

So…I was critical of this book when I first listened to it a couple years back when it came out. But with listening to it again, I take back everything I said before and gave this 5 stars. This third book was insane in every way and while it was terrifying, intense and emotionally exhausting, I loved it so much more. I did forget some things over the past couple years, but I also caught more things that my brain didn’t comprehend last time. Sabaa Tahir does NOT pull any punches in this series and this was no exception. This book has dark descriptions of brutal killings, torture and no one is safe. While there are small victories, all three characters are tested to their limits and more and I think she does this so well. I have given all three books now 5 stars and they deserve it so much, with their perfect pacing, memorable characters and palpable emotions. Luckily, the last book is 3 MONTH AWAY FROM TODAY! I think I am ready but we’ll see if that’s the case in December lol. But I am so glad I gave this a second chance, for it prove me wrong in the best way.

Started, Not Finished

51179882. sx318 sy475 Got 294 pages in for August

I did read most of this in August but sadly didn’t finish it. My plan was to take the last couple days to finish it, but I will finish it this week. This is a very hyped new release and so far, it is very good! It’s richly written, with raw emotions and really approaches how undocumented immigrants are treated and I care for Manu so much. So I’m excited to see how it ends!



40599772. sy475 DNF @ 21%

So…I love both these authors, but this was not clicking for me. The prose read too dense, so it made some of the imagery kinda murky and the pacing a bit too jarring. Plus I don’t think North’s chapters (male character) were amazing. There was too much description of his city in the sky that even though we got a lot of information, I couldn’t process it enough to actually see it if that makes sense. It also felt very slow for the beginning. But I will try the audio book for this after it comes out, since I do want to give this a chance. I know that my reading attention span and reading mood is weird right now, but I couldn’t get into this…So a temporary DNF until the other format is available.


September TBR

50211894498671864026583252220686. sx318 sy475 492472985089200442281659. sy475 4014422438205303

This TBR looks huge, but luckily some of these are audio books and a couple can blend into October if I don’t finish them in time. So besides finishing Lobizona, I have the following ARCs to make a priority in September: Crownchasers, The Left Handed Booksellers of London, Eventide, A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow and hopefully A Curse of Gold as well. Then, from the library, my holds for How to be an Antiracist and Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You so those will be read as soon as possible. Then, with audio books, I have Where Dreams Descend and The Tiger at Midnight #1 from Overdrive. I know that A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow can blend into October, since it’s publication date got pushed to November 10th now. Whatever extra books I listen to or read in the month will be great bonuses but wish me luck on this TBR 🙂

What did you read in August? Have you read any of these? If so, what did you think of them?