Happy weekend everyone! I hope you’ve had a good week and if you’re back in school, fingers crossed that it’s going well for you. I realized (again) that I had to combine two months worth of books for a haul. So here we are again with a combined haul for July and August. There some items that aren’t pictured since these library items have since been returned, so it’s just the normal Goodreads photo. Let’s jump in!

Audible Audio Books


I ended up trading a couple of credits in Audible so I could get some newer stuff. I don’t know if I hauled Agnes at the End of the World or not, but I did get that one, as well as A Song of Wraiths and Ruin since both are hyped books by Black authors that I really want to read. Then, for my official credits, I got Shadowscent #1 since it has SUCH a cool synopsis and it’s also narrated by Steve West, a.k.a. my favorite audio book narrator. It’s also an Australian YA book which is really cool!

Library and Personal Books

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It was a REALLY good month for library stuff and also buying a few things! My library district is buying a TON of diverse books which is fantastic 🙂 So besides the stock pictures above, I also got from the library: The Sound of Stars, Raybearer and How to Be An Anti-racist. With all that’s been going on, seeing all the hurt, anger and conversations, I’m joining in to educate myself and also read much more diversely than ever before. Diverse books from diverse perspectives enrich our lives and educate us so much more than just hearing about it. I ended up reading Stamped: Racism, Anti-racism and You in just over a day and it was SO fascinating! My thoughts on that will come soon. But all of these items are so exciting from the synopsis, especially The Sound of Stars with its theme of pop music and two people trying to save the world!

Then, for books I bought myself, I bought Lobizona, Bloodleaf and I got a signed copy of Star Daughter! Despite the mail being slower here in the US (so not cool), I was SO happy to get a signed copy of Star Daughter since book events aren’t happening in person. I bought Lobizona due to the hype as well as the author being such a sweet and bubbly person. I’m almost done with the book too and it’s so good with its raw discussion of undocumented immigrants, how they’re treated and Manu is such a great characters and feels like a real person. Then, with Bloodleaf, I decided to buy the hardcover with the original cover. I don’t hate the new covers but I don’t love  them either so I wanted the original, more STUNNING cover while it’s still available. It’s a retelling of the Goose Girl fairy tale but with blood magic! I’ve heard such amazing things about the first two books so I caved and bought it. Then with Star Daughter, I have loved the perfect Charlie Bowater cover since it was revealed, plus the Laini Taylor vibes I get from the story, it’s Hindu mythology and also hearing the author talk about it. The author is SO sweet and I love hearing how she wrote the story and seeing all the hype from authors I love like Roshani Chokshi and Laini Taylor about this book made me so stoked!



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Ok, this seems like a lot lol! I think I forgot to haul some of these in my combined May and June haul, since I believe I got some of these at the very end of June/possibly early July. But it’s another huge pile of ARCs again! I did request a couple of these from publishers on Edelweiss, and after I was accepted, the publisher allowed me to download a few more titles from them, so that’s why this pile seems big. Apparently, I have moments of no control if I can just download E-ARCs lol. Also, I wanted to add a picture of Eventide above, since you can only see the spine in my other picture. But here’s all the stuff I got and if I don’t give a great synopsis, they’re full synopsis is available on Goodreads, which I will link below:

  • Soulswift by Megan Bannen: I was chosen by the author to participate in the blog tour for this book, so an ARC has been traveling to all of those on the list. I got it and had to read within 10 days of reeving it. So my post about it will come later this year! But this follows Gelya, a girl whose raised in a convent and she is a Vessel, channeling the word of the One True God through song. But after a violence act occurs when a meeting is gathered, an entity enters her body and it’s either a goddess or a demon that will destroy the world. Gelya also teams up with Tavik, a supposed “heretic” who was caught. Both of them go on a journey to figure out which entity is inside Gelya. This book was so unique, emotional and so much fun to read! I like that this book deals with questioning your religion, while gently reminding you that while you may doubt, hope for answers is always out in the world It comes out in November!
  • A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow: I do want to note that this was scheduled for October bu has been changed to November 10th due to printing issues. But this is about Lila, whose beloved abuela passes away, her boyfriend dumps her and her parents send her to England against her wishes. Then, she meets Orion Maxwell and of course, a romance will ensue. This book is compared to Don’t Date Rosa Santos which was a cute and very fun book. I’m excited to see how a girl from Miami adjusts to England and the lessons she might learn as well.
  • Down Comes the Night: GOTHIC ROMANCE PEOPLE! I heard about this book before the cover was revealed and I knew that I had to get it. So when I got approved on Edelweiss, I was over the moon! We follow Wren, a talented healer who goes to a reclusive lord’s mansion to use her healing skills. But she finds out that the boy she needs to heal is the sworn enemy of her kingdom. I’ve heard that this is AMAZING for the Gothic atmosphere and characters. It comes out in March so fingers crossed that I have a new favorite Gothic romance story.
  • Eventide: I was so happy to get a psychical ARC of this book through a local book club! This takes place in the South in America in 1907 and we follow Verity, who gets a job as a farmhand to stay close to her sister, who gets adopted into a family when Verity doesn’t. There’s a superstition about the eerie well in the forest and there’s creepy things that happen. This cover completely reminds me of books by Libba Bray and Cat Winters so I.AM.READY for another creepy historical fiction!
  • The Prison Healer: I’ve heard of this author’s books from Booktube since she’s a popular Australian who wrote books like Whisper and the Medorian Chronicles. This is a dark YA fantasy, first in a planned trilogy about girl who has spent the last ten years surviving as a prison healer. When a rebel queen has to be kept alive, the main character has to endure elemental trials and a rebellion is also rumored to rise. This sounds like a typical YA fantasy but since it revolves a prison healer girl, I’m interested to see how it goes. This is planned to come out in April.
  • The Seventh Raven: The synopsis for this is very short, about a girl who will do anything to reverse the curse that transformed her brothers into ravens. This sounds like a revamp of another fairy tale, but which tale it could be escapes me. This was an ARC I could download so while it’s honestly not a highly anticipated release, I still want to give it a try.
  • Sing Me Forgotten: Now this one sounds amazing! This is a gender-bent retelling of The Phantom of the Opera where the masked opera ghost is a girl! Isda was saved from death at birth by the Opera house owner, who makes a contract with her to keep her secret as long as she uses her powers to keep  ticket sales high. But a young boy with a captivating voice comes along and throws her world upside down. I LOVE the idea of this book and since I’m a big Phantom fan, I can’t wait to get to this! This is scheduled to come out in March.
  • Roman and Jewel: This is an upcoming book is if Romeo and Juliet got the Hamilton treatment! The main two characters are set to cast in the new, diverse and hip hop version of the Shakespeare story with a forbidden romance. Since this is a musical centered book, sign me up! This was one I had to download, since I love musicals and the fact that a romance takes place during a musical sounds great. This is set to come out in January, so very soon!
  • This Golden Flame: This is another debut novel that is sure to be awesome! We follow Karis, a girl who was forced to become an acolyte for the Scriptorium, led by the rune scholars who are trying to resurrect an automaton army. Then she finds a human size automaton, Alix, who has no idea why he was created. Then her brother is kidnapped and so she teams up with Alix to figure out why the automaton’s creator wanted them destroyed and get her bother back. I have heard that the protagonist is asexual which sounds awesome. This is scheduled to release in early February!
  • Dustborn: WHAT A STUNNING COVER! This is the latest from Erin Bowman who wrote the Contagion duology and the Vengeance Road companion novels. We follow Delta, a girl whose back contains a map to a rumored paradise. Since this world is plagued by geomagnetic storms and solar flares, people would kill for the map on her skin. So when a general attacks her village, Delta goes to get her family back. She’s not sure if even her best friend can be trusted, since hardly anyone in the Waste can be trusted. This sounds like an amazing adventure that gives off a Mad Max type feel from the cover. I can’t wait to get to this! This is scheduled for late April!

So there we have it! Did you get any of these recently? If you’ve read any of these, what did you think of them?