Hello everyone! It’s that time of the new month to recount all of the things we read, started or even DNF’d the month before. I do have to say that September didn’t feel great as far as reading, even though I finished my Goodreads reading goal and read a good number of things. But it was a great month for personal stuff! I’m writing again, watching a lot of Yu Yu Hakusho and getting excited for October. But as far as reading in September, I read a little bit more graphic novels than expected and also had a favorite book of the year so far! I’m also counting a book that I did technically finish on October 1st; I had listened to 95% in September so I’m just counting it for the month since I had almost finished it.

Total Books Finished: 9

Audio books: 1

ARCs: 2

Library items: 4

Re-reads: 1

Personal books: 3

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Read on Sept 1st & 2nd

Library book, now returned

Rating: 4.5 stars

I realize that I missed writing a review for this book and feel bad that I lost track of it during the month. But I’ll paste my Goodreads review here, since it captures my thoughts after finishing it: This way so engrossing that I read this so fast! Once I read the first few chapters I couldn’t stop. This is a book that schools need to have in their curriculum, so we can realize that history is ugly but we can help change it. I’m mad that I didn’t learn the deeper parts of history this book mentions in schools. But this is a great intro to antiracist ideas and while it doesn’t directly tell you a solution, I think that the book presents the evidence and history to help you decide. I want to read the original version of Stamped now! A fantastic book that’s compelling in its writing style. I want be better and this is only the beginning. It was a great intro for me into the antiracist ideas and I need to get more books on the subject to get more education.

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Read from Aug 1st-Sept 6th

Personal book

3.75 stars

I did have to take a break from this book, since I was reading some books on a strict deadline in August. But luckily I finished in early September and I did really like it, but didn’t love it as much as other people. I think the raw and angry perspective on undocumented immigrants and how they’re treated hurt to read that such a thing exists. But I did care for Manu so much, on how she was so lonely and hurting inside because of her solitary existence. But through tragic circumstances, she does find herself in a fantasy school where she learns where she could possibly belong. The first half was fantastic with its intense pacing, tender emotion and roaring rage. But I will admit that the last did lose me, since the conflict behind Manu’s existence is blatantly ignored until the last 90ish pages. Plus the love interest guy seemed like he was cheating, but it was cleared up too late. It was something that made me a little uncertain for most of the book, unable to fully get behind it. But this a great book to not sleep on and I’ll definitely read the sequel.

A Bunch of Mini Reviews #6

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Read from Sept 7-14th

ARC via Edelweiss

5 stars

I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! I was already stoked for this YA sci-fi debut and it gave me everything I wanted: great space treasure hunt, world building, expert romantic tension, authentic protagonist, great writing and of course, a brilliant but MEAN cliffhanger ending. This is the first in a duology and this is one book to NOT sleep on if you love the genre. Alyssa is such a great, feisty and also deep protagonist and Hell Monkey is an amazing second in command and love interest. I loved seeing all the creativity in the world building of this futuristic sci-fi world. This brought unexpected emotion which makes it even richer. I’ll have to wait a long year for the next book but I can’t recommend this enough 🙂

Five Reasons to Read Crownchasers #1


Read on Sept 4th-6th & Sept 13-15th

Library books, now returned

5 stars (Volume 2) and 4 stars (Volume 3)

I continued reading this graphic novel series in September after loving the first volume. I love seeing how Oliver, the white haired boy that Amy tries to befriend come out of his shell more and how she has a great friend circle and outlook on life. This is a perfect series to get into if you need a pick me up! These should be in my mini reviews post, linked above!


Read on Sept 27th

Personal manga

4 stars

I needed something quick to read at the end of the month, so I picked this Legend of Zelda manga from my box set of manga that my husband got for me a couple years ago. There’s a lot of manga adaptations of the video games and I really liked the Ocarina of Time ones. I really ended up enjoying this since I never played this game and actually didn’t know the story. We follow Link, whose uncle is killed tragically and he takes up a sword and shield to not only save Princess Zelda but also discover his past. I’ve heard this an iconic game in the series and this was really fun. It’s also interesting to see Link talk in these mangas but his dialogue is handled super well. If you love the games and want to try the mangas, they’re great 🙂 this is also in my mini reviews post, linked above!


Read from Sept 18-29th

Physical ARC from my local book club

3.5 stars

I was SO excited for this after seeing the cover and hearing that it was for fans of Libba Bray and had a spooky woods/well plotline. This is a historical fiction with supernatural elements, taking place in 1907 Arkansas. We follow two sisters who come to Wheeler, Arkansas and the younger sister gets adopted while Verity, out protagonist, gets hired as a farm hand to stay close to her sister. But she hears about the local superstition of the woods and the well and the creepy things that happen here. This was a solid book and while I didn’t love it, this is a good “Halloween light” read. I like the unexpected twist at the end and the author has great potential; her writing style was engaging and made the book easy to get through. I didn’t care for the protagonist much, since she reads like too many others I’ve read before and it wasn’t as creepy as I hoped. But I still recommend it 🙂

Double Review: Eventide & The Way of the House Husband Vol. 1


Read on Sept 30th

Library manga, now returned

5 stars

This was hilarious and JUST what I needed! A few of my co-workers have said that this manga is top notch so I grabbed it one day off the shelf. This follows a man who is known as The Immortal Dragon and was deep into the Yakuza. But now he’s a house husband and we see his random adventures. I loved how he’s presented at being so scary, when he’s only shopping or giving coupons or whatever. I NEED this to be an anime lol. This is another great manga/graphic novel to get into if you need a pick me up 🙂 link for this review is up above!


Listened from Sept 17th-Oct 2nd

Audible Audio book, 3rd listen

Read by Steve West

5 stars

So while I was feeling slumpy at the end of the month, I decided to go to an all time favorite. I LOVE this book so freaking much. It is literally written magic of a story. Plus Steve West brings Lazlo and Weep to life. I know the author’s writing style isn’t for everyone, but this transports me back to Weep every single time and it was just what I needed. I am counting this book since I was 90% done before running of out time for September. My original review is linked below)

5 Reasons to Experience Strange the Dreamer

Started, Didn’t Finish

50892004Currently 28% in

I started this book on the 21st, but only read 28% when I started reading other things that needed to be read first before they released. This is an upcoming YA contemporary about a Cuban American girl who goes to England after her abuela dies, her boyfriend dumps her and her best friend goes to Africa. So far I love the food descriptions and I do feel the grief and anger that Lila has, so I plan to finish it this week!


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DNF after 3 hours

This was a story that had scents as a major fantasy element and with Steve West being one of the narrators, I wanted to like this. But after 3 hours, the story never really felt like it was taking off. It was a bunch of info dumps about different scents and kinda boring character interactions. You would think that after 3 hours, the story would be more interesting but sadly that wasn’t the case….


DNF @ 15%

FREAKING DANG IT GUYS! This just didn’t work for me. It has an amazing cover and great plot idea but there were a couple factors that turned me off: the main character’s voice felt dry as cardboard and the scatterbrained dialogue. It was annoying that Susan was never really shocked at the odd things that happened, let alone never really questioned what happened. Plus some of the dialogue never seemed funny or clever, just weird and random. It has a good couple, short beginning chapters but it just never motivated me to continue. I’m sad since two of his recent works haven’t been good books, but I’ll continue to try this works, but I won’t request ARCs of his works anymore.

October TBR

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This may seem like an ambitious TBR, but luckily, most of these are audio books lol! I hope to listen to: Muse of Nightmares, Grown, Tunnel of Bones, Not Even Bones, The Shadow Mission, Dear Martin and White Fox. Most of these are library audio books except for my Audible ones that I already have like Muse of Nightmares and Not Even Bones. Most are also shorter as well, being under 9 hours so I’m confident I can get through most of them.

As far as physical or eBooks, I’ve got much more that seems daunting lol. It’s funny how TBR videos can possibly spoil your future book haul post, but the ARCs I need to get through this month are: Winter, White and Wicked, A Curse of Gold, Unchosen and Down Comes the Night. I know a couple of these can bleed into November if needed but I’ve heard SUCH amazing things about Down Comes the Night, so it really seems appropriate for the spooky season. Then, finally, I have a couple physical library books to get through: The Companion and Furia. Both I plan to read this month, as long as my reading mood doesn’t kick my butt again.

What did you read in September? Have you read any of these? Are you going to read any of these books in October?