Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are doing well! I’m still sorry that I’m not around a lot; I’ve been trying to work on my novel, as well as spending time with family and playing a lot Animal Crossing with their Halloween updates lol. But as I went through my old posts, I’ve realized that I have never done an official Halloween book recs post! So when that, combined with a co-worker asking me for not too scary Halloween books to read, I figured it’s time to do one! These are going to be separated into books that have great fall/Halloween vibes, supernatural creatures but they’re not too scary then the freaky ones that definitely made me glad I was reading them with the lights on lol. While I know that this list can definitely be more diverse, I still hope that you will find some new favorites during the Halloween season. Let’s jump in!

Phase One: Great vibes, not too scary

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You may notice that I’ve recommended some of these books many times in regards to favorite spooky books or ones I really enjoy in general. I think these books aren’t scary, but they deal with supernatural themes, creatures and have great vibes for Halloween! From zombies in Devils Unto Dust, various dark fairy tales in Language of Thorns, hints of a real monster in Odd & True or a girl who can see the dead in City of Ghosts, there’s a variety here. If I were to recommend the top 4 that you should read during October, they would be: The Bone Houses, Devils Unto Dust, Spectacle and City of Ghosts. These books won’t scare you out of your wits, but I think they’ll itch that Halloween fix 🙂


Phase Two: Might Read/Listen with the Lights On

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I know this list is small but I can be a bit of a weird chicken sometimes lol. While I like scary stuff, I have a limit on what I can handle and what will negatively keep me awake at night. But I definitely think these books are a cut above the others due to their plot, pacing and scare factor. From a nasty virus that makes you explode, an isolated planet with a nasty entity taking out a rescue team,  a true crime that goes dark and disturbing, a mansion in Mexico that SERIOUSLY gets messed up, a seaside mansion that has some creepy moments with bathtubs and a serial killer in the 1920’s…these books have it. I recommend all of these for how they’ll take your October reading up a notch if you want something scarier. Hopefully I can recommend more stuff like this in the future.


What books do you think are really scary? Have you read any of these? What YA spooky books would you recommend? Let me know in the comments!