Review Policies

Welcome to my Review Policy page! I will discuss here what I read, my rating system and a couple small requirements.


My Reading 

These are the following genres I read and am interested in reading and/or requesting:

  • Young Adult
  • Adult Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction
  • Science Fiction

I use the Goodreads rating system of a maximum of 5 stars. I will rate the book according to my enjoyment of: plot, writing style, characters, world building and either the messages in the novel or even the narration of an audio book. I will always point out the good and bad of the book and go into details without spoilers.

Timeline & Requests

If I request a title from Net Galley, I will be posting a review of the title within 3 months of receiving the title. I will not quote the book unless I publish the review after the release date, which I will have a physical copy to quote from if necessary. No spoilers will be given in my reviews. If I am sent a book, I will read it within a maximum of 6 months after I receive it. A review will quickly follow upon finishing the book.

I do accept: audio books, finished copies, both physical and e-book ARC’s. Physical ARC’s may get a top priority, depending on the release date. Audio books will be listened to and finished within 1 month of receiving it. Audio books is the top method for me in my reading. For sending me physical ARC’s or finished copies and audio books, my email address is linked below. Send inquiries for book reviews and audio book reviews only.

If you are sending a request for a book for me to review, please include the following info: title, series name, release date, genre, author and a three sentence blurb of the book. This will help me determine what titles to accept and review. If I do not respond within 3 months, you may send a second request if still interested.

I am also willing to do blog tours for books, guest posts and author interviews.

Email address for inquires for reviews: