Hey everyone! I know I’ve been MIA for quite a while. Things got crazy with the holidays, home renovations, work, family and all that great stuff. But this time away has also helped me realize that as of today, after 4 years, I’m putting up the book blogger badge. Some of you may have seen that I haven’t been as active in the last year, especially compared to when I started. When I did start back in 2017, I had hoped to always enjoy it and I also had no idea what to expect. But as time went on, I quickly met some amazing people that I still talk to and follow. I also discovered great blogs, participated in blog tours, did author interviews and many other things. But while I will always have fond memories, it did start going downhill.

Sadly, I am one of those people who never found a way to not feel like blogging was a job, but a hobby. I kept trying to tell myself that I did enjoy it, like doing monthly wrap ups, rant reviews, talking about underrated books and all that jazz. But while I did have positive thoughts, my brain kept going back to the stress that was there and that was impossible to separate. I kept thinking “I have to get this post done”, or “I need to come up with something to post this week”, “Crap! I forgot to post again!” “Shoot, I need to post the end of month wrap up.” I had too many things running through my head that were stressing me out, making me drag my feet or stopped my motivation altogether. I am also one of those people who didn’t want to spend money or time learning graphic design stuff or build a detailed, pretty website. I was happy with the current style I have now, but I started to not put in that much effort anymore. When you’re not motivated to do something because you enjoy it, it doesn’t feel the same anymore. Like with learning any subject, completing a task or even trying to accomplish a goal, if your  heart isn’t in it, it doesn’t feel as worth it to keep working on it.

Plus, my life priorities are changing. I’m finding myself feeling more freed by being off of social media more often and enjoying video games, my pets, trying to write novels again, husband, work, friends and now I’m pregnant with my first kid. So of course, I’ve been researching up the wazoo to prepare for a child. Plus, with getting older, I just don’t feel like I’m wanting to get as involved with book community as much as I used to. While I’m still on Twitter and Instagram, I don’t get the need to be posting and sharing everything all the time. I prefer just seeing what people are up to instead of looking up dumpster fires every other day or seeing toxicity. None of us are perfect, but there are days where I feel like people are attacked for simple preference differences or taking things out of context. Plus I’ve hated how ALL bloggers are crapped on from authors and other people, when it’s only a select few doing stupid things. I feel like bloggers still don’t get the respect they deserve from other groups or people in general. So seeing that occasional hostility never helped my motivation. But long story short, I’m mostly done with book blogging due to my life going in a different direction and finding my time more worth it like family and other things in real life.

There is always the possibility that I could come back! You never know 🙂 I’ll never discount the idea. I will keep this blog up for anyone who still wants to read anything and I will make sure to respond to comments in a timely manner if they ever come. I will also be reading stuff from NetGalley and Edelweiss since I am librarian and still have access to ARCs. But I will be talking about those ARCs that I love on places like Twitter instead of here, unless I need to scream about in a review lol. I could even jump on here and comment on your guys’ stuff! I won’t disappear completely; just hanging up my blogging badge. Part of me is sad to do this but honestly, it feels right to take care of my wellbeing and doing things I truly enjoy. You never owe the internet anything! You decide when to post on your blog, decide what you share and also when it’s time for a hiatus or be done. Never forget that you come first no matter what 🙂

I will always treasure so much of my blogging memories and of course, my online friends I’ve met over the years. Wish me luck on the upcoming kid thing (very nervous but also excited), my novel writing and I’ll always be on Instagram or Twitter when I do post there. I’m not on much anymore, but still around. Thanks for the 4 years of reading my stuff and talking books with me. See you guys on the other side and possible times on here 🙂 Thanks fore everything!