Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was great and that you’re enjoying your time at home! I hope things are good wherever you are 🙂 I wanted to share what I’m currently reading/listening to and what I plan on reading next.

Current Audio Books & Books

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Currently, I have one audio book going and I’m reading 2 other books! My audio book is the final Illuminae Book Obsidio and as of this post, I’m more than halfway through. I don’t like it more than Gemina but I hope it has a good ending. Then, I’m also reading 2 upcoming June ARCs: Goddess in the Machine and Rebel Spy. As far as Goddess in the Machine, I’m more than 141 pages in and it’s a 5 STAR READ GUYS! This book is a YA science fiction debut that is set in the year 3102. Andra was supposed to wake up on a new planet, but come to find out, the descendants of her family and friends think she’s a goddess. They also speak a different dialect than her which is SO fascinating. I love everything about this book, so I CAN’T wait to see how it ends.

Then, to mix things up a bit, I started Rebel Spy, an upcoming YA historical fiction book. This book is set in the 1700’s America! To give a bit of historical background, there was a lady who was a spy for George Washington during the American Revolution. With this vast spy network, this was ring of spies was one of the reasons that the Americans were successful in their independence, among another reasons. In the spy ring, “355” was a female agent under Washington and her real identity is unknown. The author was really taken with this mysterious woman spy and Rebel Spy is a re-imagining of this agent 355. We follow Fannie Tasker, a girl who was living on Grand Bahama Island when she takes the identity of a proper American girl to escape her life. She will become this rebel spy during the war. Since I had NO idea about this agent 355, I started this over the weekend and its fascinating so far! There’s hardly ever any YA historical fiction set in the 1700’s and the author has done a fantastic job to transport you to this time period.

Upcoming TBR Plans

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First up is my 2 audio books I’m going to start after I finish Obsidio. I’ve got both Rook and Tunnel of Bones from my Overdrive app. Tunnel of Bones is the sequel to City of Ghosts and this middle grade book can fit into my Medievial-a-Thon TBR. Plus it’s just over 5 hours so it should be a quick listen. Once I finish that one, I will listen to Rook, which is a Scarlet Pimpernel retelling. I’m doing the audio book for this instead of the ebook on my Kindle, since my May TBR doesn’t have room for this big YA book to physically read.

Then, as far as my ARCs to tackle next, I’ve got Half Life which comes out early June, and (SPOILER FOR APRIL BOOK HAUL) I was approved for The Jewel Thief on Edelweiss! I was shocked to be approved for 2 titles from Penguin on Edelweiss. So my May TBR has changed again a bit lol. The Jewel Thief comes out May 26th so it needs to be read soon. It takes place in Paris and revolves around a heist and the Hope diamond which sounds awesome. I hope to complete at least half of these books in the next week or so 🙂


What are you currently reading? Have you read any of these? Are you anticipating any of these? Let me know in the comments!