Buying Books on a Budget!

Check this out! Salmah has a great perspective and point about buying and pirating books. Check this out for more helpful info 🙂

Salmah's Bookshelf


I decided to make this post because I see  a lot of people pirating books. It hurts authors a lot and it really isn’t necessary. I was recently reading Victoria Aveyard’s tumblr blog and I saw a lot of fans justifying this practice. (Apparently there are people who spend time typing up ENTIRE manuscripts to post on Wattpad!!!) There are so many ways to make book buying affordable and legal ! I recognize I’m a 25 year old college graduate who makes more money than most people my age. So yes, I am able to buy a lot of books on impulse. However, it wasn’t always like this. I thought it would be helpful to share ways to keep up with your reading habits without spending a lot of money…all while keeping it legal! *Note: Sadly, most of this will only apply to North American readers but some do apply to…

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