It’s time for the book tag where we gush and talk about our reading for the year so far! So far this year, I’ve only read 30 books which makes me feel like this sometimes…

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But still, this year has been interesting for me with finding some real hidden gems and books that really surprised me. So here’s all my answer for this book tag, which was created by a couple Booktubers. The original videos are no longer up anymore, so here’s a recent video to show as an example. This tag is really fun to watch and see what kind of books people have been loving and talking about so far.

♦Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag♦


Best book you’ve read so far this year in 2019:


         Also a few runner ups

Yep I think this book still holds the top spot so far! I would totally give like 5 answers on this one, but this book really made me OBSESS over a story, finishing it within 24 hours which never happens with me. I had to know what was happening behind the scenes with this amusement park, how Ana’s feelings were changing and if she really killed Owen. The pacing was perfect, these android princesses perfectly captured and also a very satisfying stand alone.


Best sequel you’ve read this year:

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This is the ONLY sequel I’ve read so far this year, which is weird since I’m better at sequels than this lol. But I did like this sequel better than the first one so it counts 🙂


New Release you haven’t read yet, but want to:

There are WAY many more than these few, but I stuck with titles that I do own. I’ve been awful at reading my own books this year, so these are the ones that I WILL read by the end of the year. If not, give me crap for it lol :p I especially want to get to We Rule the Night since I’ve heard that it’s an amazing female friendship story with no romance.

Most anticipated release for the second half of 2019:

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There are SO SO many to choose from, but I’m picking these 3! Angel Mage and Starsight are no-brainers since I love the authors SO much and that Skyward was my favorite book last year and the ending gave such an interesting glimpse into the rest of the series. I’m also mentioning The Tenth GIrl because Gothic, creepy novels have really become my jam in YA this year so this one sounds cool and possibly might make me want to the lights on.


Biggest Disappointment:

Yep, I’m saying it…this book was really hard to not feel disappointed by. I love this author so much and you guys know how much I was anticipating this book. But Edgar truly frustrated me and the book wasn’t as dark as I thought it was going to be. I did love Lenore and seeing bits of Poe’s writing throughout, but this is not my favorite book by Cat Winters.


Biggest Surprise(s):

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First is easily The Lady Rogue, since I wasn’t a fan of her contemporary novel Alex, Approximately at all. But this historical story was everything I could’ve wanted and is a near perfect standalone book that I read at the exact right time. I would also say that Spectacle was a big surprise because it was a “under the radar” book that I decided to give a try. I knew with it having Jack the Ripper vibes that it would be a satisfying read, but I loved the light fantasy element and one scene in the Paris catacombs that FREAKED me the hell out lol.

Then we have Salt to the Sea, which is a mandatory historical fiction book that I think needs to be read in schools. This is a lost chapter in history and shows how 4 teens are affected by the Wilhelm Gustlov marine disaster. This made me SO emotional and nearly break into tears. All three of these were great surprises and ones I still think about.


Favorite Debut Author or New To You Author:


I’ll just two of these and they are both debut authors! First we have the lovely talented Erin A. Craig who wrote the upcoming novel House of Salt and Sorrows, which was a book that creeped me out and literally swept me away into a fantastically Gothic novel based on the Twelve Dancing Princesses. This book is set on an island where Annaleigh is starting to have visions of death, and her three sisters who previously died might’ve been murdered. This blew me away with the little expectations I did have and deserves all the hype it’s been getting. This is a YA Gothic/horror story that I can’t get enough of and I can’t wait to have the finished copy and read it again 🙂


Newest Fictional Crush

Not applicable to me lol. Sorry! :p


Newest Favorite Character(s)

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I would say that Finian from Aurora Rising and Elisabeth from Sorcery of Thorns have been standout characters for me this year! I loved Finian’s humor and also his emotional core, dealing with this disabilities and learning to trust others in the crew. The narrator from the audio book really brought his sass to life, making him a favorite of mine. And we have Elisabeth, who is so determined to do the right thing. Even though she can be naive, she’s aware of that and still does her best. Her scenes of being clever and resourceful were SO freaking awesome with getting stuff done and her banter with Nathaniel is golden and precious and everything.

Book that made you (nearly) cry

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This book didn’t make me cry necessarily, but the scenes of war, treatment of soldiers and fear of losing loved ones really hit home sometimes. I’ve had late grandparents who served in war and while they came home never talked about their experiences, according to my older family members. The Great War is something that’s not talked about as often as WWII is now, but the author really pours the emotions these two couples suffer with such care and honesty that I got misty eyed a few times.

Then with Salt to the Sea, it was pretty much the last hour and half where I had to finish the audio book and I was shook of what was happening. Since I knew nothing about this time in history, I was literally “glued” to this story with all the tragedy, raw pain and anger and selfishness and desperation these people felt. I had to compose myself after finishing this to go into work on the day that I finished it. I still recall the feelings of deep sadness I felt from this book to this day.

Book that made you happy


Oh this book made me snicker and just feel at home, and then made me nervous at the end. This book made me happy because I love the chemistry between this cast of characters and the magic woven into the 1889 Paris location. This genre of historical fantasy is really making me happy, with giving us magical elements into our world but in the past. The author really brings these cursed artifacts, mystery and the mysterious houses all into one book. Plus Zofia and Enrique are the best!

Most beautiful book you’ve bought/received this year


I have two that I’ll pick for this answer. The first one is the FREAKING cover of The Lady Rogue that I read recently. The cover completely screams historical fantasy to me and really shows what kind of story you’re gonna get. The other one is a copy of The Kingdom, but has a really personalized message to me. The author wanted to send me a signed copy after boosting and talking about the book so much, which really made my day. This is why authors are my kind of people and I’ll treasure this specific copy forever 🙂

Favorite Post Written This Year

Let’s Talk about Bookstagram: Honest Thoughts

I would say that I’m really proud of my bookstagram discussion that I did recently. This post was one I was nervous to write, because I not only didn’t want to sound bitter or jealous but also I wondered what other people felt. There’s so much about social media that causes uncertainty in yourself and comparing to others. While social media has great tools, we have to admit that it can bring out our more sour sides and bookstagram really has done that for me. But I really appreciate all the support you guys gave when you responded to this post and also in general since I started blogging. I’ve always felt like I can be myself here on my blog and you all have been so wonderful about receiving me and bringing me into the circle.


What books do you have to read by the end of the year?

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These are the main ones that I really feel the impression to finally read this year when I look at most of my TBR. I own all of these, whether they’re on my Kindle or physical copies. I want to read all of these because I love authors, never got to finish them or they’re stories that just feel like me personally. I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to find time in the last half of the year to seriously get these books done after the ARC pile that I’m trying to manage lol!

If you guys haven’t done this tag yet, then I therefore tag thee! (don’t know why I channeled Shakespeare lol) I would love to know your answers for these in the comments!