Happy Thursday everyone! I apologize this is up a day late. I had to get my phone screen repaired after dropping it so that took up most of yesterday besides work. But it’s that time again to recall last month’s book haul. With all that’s going on right now, I know a lot of ARCs and book buying are not happening as often. Pretty much everything I have is digital and that’s okay. There’s some exciting stuff here so let’s jump in!

Personal Purchases

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  • An Affair of Poisons: This book was on a 99 cents sale for a couple weeks last month and I saw the author mention it on Instagram. I read this before it came out nearly 2 year ago and I really enjoyed it but never bought a copy. This is set during the reign of King Louis XIV and our main girl is a poison maker and her mother kills the king of France. We also follow the king’s bastard son whose trying to get revenge. It’s a fun historical fantasy and I’m glad to have a Kindle copy.
  • Dark Shores #1: Since my library district was closed for so long, I was really wanting to read this book. I really enjoyed the author’s Bridge Kingdom series and the sequel to this book is now out. So while I couldn’t get access to a library copy, I bought my own copy on Kindle. This is a sea adventure book that I hope to enjoy!
  • Elysium Girls: This is a book I’ve heard NO ONE talk about since it came out earlier in April. This is a genre mashup with it being a historical fiction, fantasy and dystopian. This is about a game of life and death, a gang of witches and demon who longs for humanity. I had seen a review from someone I follow on Goodreads pop up on my feed and I read the glowing review. Then I downloaded a free sample on my Kindle and loved it! So I had to buy it. I love books that have many genres mashed up so I couldn’t help myself.
  • Aurora Burning (Aurora Rising #2): I used my April Audible credit to pre-order this audio book so it would be ready for me to download on release day. I was DYING to listen to this sequel, since squad 312 are my children! As of this blog post, I’m done with this post so expect a review on Saturday 🙂

Library Stuff

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  • Obsidio (Illuminae Files #3): I got both the audio book and the eBook for this final installment! While they’re returned now, I made sure to get both last month after finishing Gemina.
  • Havenfall #1: This was an eBook that was already available on my library Overdrive app not long after it came out. I wanted to read something new and the cover convinced me to download it and start it. It was just okay but I’m glad I got it from the library.


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  • The Jewel Thief (Edelweiss): I actually got approved for an ARC from Penguin on Edelweiss! If any of you use Edelweiss, you might notice that Penguin and a few other publishers are pretty picky. But I was happy to get this one. This was another historical fiction YA book set in Paris and it’s revolved around the famous Hope Diamond. It’s about a girl whose father is the crown jeweler for the king of France and he’s tasked with crafting a huge diamond. Knowing that this famous diamond inspired this book and it’s set in Paris, I really wanted to give it a try. I have read this by now so check out my review next week.
  • The Left-Handed Booksellers of London (Edelweiss): It’s really easy…when I see a Garth Nix title to request, I just click the “request” button. This is his new book coming out in September and it takes place during an alternate 1980’s London! Our main protagonist is trying to look for her father, but the crime boss that was going to help her, but he’s turned to dust by a silver hatpin by an attractive Merlin. That’s all I really need to know! If you’re a Garth Nix fan, this is coming soon (given the date doesn’t change) and I really hope that this is another favorite of his books since his previous book Angel Mage sadly wasn’t my thing…
  • A Curse of Gold (A Touch of Gold #2) (NetGalley): **As of this blog post, you can download this book in the “Read Now” section on NetGalley** I had to immediately download this when I saw that this was available! This is the sequel and conclusion to the Touch of Gold duology, which is a King Midas retelling. We continue to follow Kora after the events of the first book and I’m stoked to see how this duology ends.
  • Warmaidens (Gravemaidens #2) (NetGalley): Since I am auto approved for Random House on NetGalley, I snagged this when I saw this was a new addition! This is the sequel and conclusion to the Gravemaidens duology and I’m really excited to see what happens next. The first book seemed to finish a few plot threads as well, but it sounds like a new problem is gonna make our characters fight for their freedom again. I’m still on Kelly’s street team as well, so I’ll be doing a couple themed posts around this book as the release date gets closer!
  • Cast in Firelight #1 (NetGalley): This was another immediate download from Random House, plus since it’s also another stunning Charlie Bowater cover! This is a debut fantasy series and I’ve been following the author on social media for a while. She’s such a great and down to earth person and the plot sounds really cool. We follow Andraa and Jatin who are supposed to be married off, but after years of far off rivalry, new enemy tests their loyalty and the safety of their kingdoms. They doubt that their reunion will be anything but sweet and I’m so here for it!
  • The Angel of Crows (NetGalley): This was the newest addition to my book haul near the end of the month. I saw this book on Goodreads from someone I follow and reads a lot of fantasy. This is an alternate London with vampires and other supernatural creatures and Jack the Ripper! So I immediately felt the need to have that book so I requested and got the ARC on NetGalley. While I have heard some mixed things, I’m still crossing my fingers.

What books did you get in April? What’s the book that you’re most excited about? Did you get any of these books? Let me know in the comments!